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We create customized mobile apps using effective onboarding process,app functionality & nifty user interface to make your business reach millions of screens.

Android App Development

Android App Development

Advanced & modern applications for Android.

Industry Based Project Assessment

We offer custom developed redefined mobile apps completely tailored to your specific industry needs and requirements to serve your business the best.Here are a few examples out of the wide industries we serve.

Get a fitness app developed for your fitness business and get the reach of thousands of mobile devices. Apps developed to attract fitness requires a specific set of aesthetics and we ensure to provide that within the best quality framework.

900 hours
development time
3.5 months
Average project

The trend of dating through the internet is on its peak & apps like tinder are outbursting the market. The next dating app idea in your mind can be turned to a reality with our developer’s expertise and innovation.

1200 hours
development time
4 months
Average project

With the potential internet has the music industry is achieving wonders online and with the competence of mobile developers team at Buzz Interactive you can too. We can develop a mobile software that flows as smooth as music does in your mind.

1200 hours
development time
4.5 months
Average project

The uses of online calculators have been exploding since the last couple of years. Your users want calculated answers for their query. Let it be cost estimation, fitness tracking, or even tax assessment, we guarantee authenticity.

1400 hours
development time
5 months
project lengthry

Mobile App Development Technologies

Our splendid mobile app development services include putting forth Modern robust technologies in the server-side and client-side development and designing part that brings out the best UI/UX and performance.





This general-purpose language can be applied for numerous tasks including Android app development. The main advantages of Java are portability, scalability, and excellent performance which make it a perfect language for developing complex enterprise applications requiring room for growth.
3 billion devices
run Java
Up to 30%
better performance


New open source programming language that is used by Google to replace Java for building Android apps. It has a clear syntax, it can be compiled to JavaScript or JVM bytecode easily, and due to integration with all Java frameworks and libraries, app development process goes faster and gives developers more tools to build native Android apps.
More maintainable functionality
2.08% of all
app downloads in Google Play


This object-oriented programming language has been actively using by developers iOS app development for over 30 years. This fact alone makes Objective-C reliable as millions of lines of code are written on it. In addition, this code is backward compatible with C and C++ languages.
apps built
apps built


Swift is a robust programming language backed by Apple that allows creating top-notch and fast applications for all Apple operating systems. Safety, simplicity and permanent performance enhancements make iOS app development with Swift an ideal solution for creating iOS apps of any complexity.
faster than Objective-C
faster than Python
most popular language


This Backend-as-a-Service platform frees developers from such backend work as managing servers and writing APIs and lets them focus on building the top-notch user experience. Being almost an all-in-one backend solution, Firebase helps to speed up the Android native app development.
developers use Firebase
developers’ efficiency


It is a lightweight database that geared toward getting rid of server-client architecture and storing all the app data directly on a mobile device. This DB is based on files, so provides the wide range of capabilities for developers. Since SQLite doesn’t send requests to server, it is much more powerful and faster.
top database
Faster Than The Filesystem


Realm is a popular mobile database for every app development platform. It’s incredibly rapid (much more rapid than SQLite), cross-platform, thread-safe, and has an easy-to-use API. The developers call it a contemporary and reliable substitute for the native Apple’s databases.
app performance
apps worldwide


CoreData framework makes it possible to speed up the iOS application development process. CoreData simplifies memory management since developers load into memory only those objects they use at the moment. Integrating sorting of objects and optional automatic validation of property values help app work with a database.
faster data loading
developers’ efficiency


This is Android open-source unit test framework that allows QA specialists to launch tests for Android apps via local JVM. This Android app test type is similar to black box testing, and the test can become more efficient for refactoring, and the behavior of the app can be tested as well. The framework makes the testing process faster.
Faster testing process
Higher efficiency


RxJava is a specific implementation of reactive programming for Java and Android, an open source library that has Observer patterns and iterator patterns that help build good software with front-end and back-end parts. It offers developers intuitiveness, extensions, quick reacting to any changes.
Faster compilation process
Faster performance testing


JUnit is an open-source unit testing framework in the Java language. It provides an incredible opportunity to write code and test it simultaneously! This framework is able to create test suites step by step to thoroughly trace all possible side effects. Thus, it is very powerful and its graphical interface make the whole testing process simpler.
Faster testing
improved bug detection


It is a mocking framework for effective unit testing of Java applications. This tool facilitates creating mock objects and allows programmers to verify the behavior of the system under test without establishing expectations beforehand. As a result, you will get a simpler test code that is much easier to read and edit.
stars on GitHub
faster testing process


Espresso is an automation tool created by Google. Being used for writing concise and reliable UI tests, this framework has many advantages to both developers and QA engineers, so dramatically accelerates the development process. It is easy to use within popular IDEs and provides useful testing annotations and assertions.
integration with Android Studio
Up to 35%
faster development process


ReactiveCocoa is a framework that allows using reactive functional programming techniques for custom iOS application development. It offers bindings and reactive extensions for Cocoa Touch framework in order to make code much shorter. Tailored to Swift, the framework defines the interface for events, so make it easier to filter and compose them.
faster development
better performance


Alamofire is a well-tested and reliable library for all Apple platforms. It’s designed for working with the HTTP requests. Alamofire significantly boosts developer productivity because it simplifies a number of routine tasks for iOS application development companies. It makes the code cleaner that helps to decrease the possibility of bugs.
bugs occurrence
faster development


Moya is a network abstraction library to work with network data and for quick project integration with RESTful API. Moya allows iOS application development company to focus on main application features and speed up the implementation of networking data. Using Moya, developers extract network responses to perform unit tests efficiently.
faster API manager integration
development time optimization framework enables real-time data exchange and communication. It improves and accelerates the integration of chats and video chats to iOS apps. has many automated processes for an easy communication feature integration. Flexible and simple customization help iOS app development agency implement their task faster.
websites worldwide
faster chat integration

Types of Engagement Models

We have two different engagement models for Mobile app development to give you the best experience and keep up with all your goals and objectives for your business.

Mobile App Development Case Studies

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Pakistan’s first ever match making online marketplace mobile app for hiring services.

Araam software development project
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A well-integrated B2C hotel booking mobile system,providing easy online registration.

GoldBrick Software development project
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An all-in-one customer relationship management software providing a wide in-depth solution for your daily business problems.

Funnel Software Development Project
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The local-based premium ride booking services connecting drivers and riders.

Carruba software development project

Mobile App Development Life Cycle

We undertake proper set of actions before starting off with any mobile app development project to better understand your target audience, market needs and your business’s objectives ensuring the best results. To minimize risks and inefficiencies, we divide our projects into phases to deliver a solid and safe solution.

  • Planning
    In-depth Research

    Purpose, Main goals & Target audiences’s pains

  • Prototyping
    Breakthrough Planning

    Site Maps, Wireframes & Mockups

  • MVP

    Modern robust technologies , Responsive user friendly development & Enhanced UI/UX

  • Launch
    Testing & Maintenance

    Quality Assurance tests, Complete audits to analyze problems & Frequent updates and rectifications

Our Clients Say

Our client’s words about us reflect our work-style as well as priorities for each of the mobile app development project we take on board.

The way our mobile app development was planned and executed is admirable. Whole team knew their job and made our project a success collaboratively.




Buzz Interactive reflects true professionalism; no work delays, true client commitment & extra-ordinary quality of work.



IT Manager

Their in-lined team work is what makes them different. For our mobile app development project they’ve literally chased perfection.




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