Software Testing Services

With our competent software testing services we aim to deliver the finest quality in your software with the perfect alignment, the highest functionality and no technical errors.

Our Extensive Software Testing Services

We being a notable software testing company ensure adequate quality in your software by checking every component, examining every aspect and inspecting every technical feature to ensure your application/software is fully operative & effective in its execution.

  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • User Interface
  • Mobile

Types of Software Testing Services We Offer

Our software testing engineers strategically look into various areas of your project to deliver fully technical, nifty and productive software.

Functional testing is carried out to examine if the software is delivering all the required functions. Depending on what is expected out of your software we feed various inputs to it and based on the output received we determine if the software is functionally strong or there is something the system lacks.

In simple words functional testing is to ensure if your application or website is meeting all the requirements it was supposed to at the initial stage of the development.

Non-functional testing is simply to test the non-technical aspects of the software and focuses on how the users engage with the software. The specific aspects that are tested and investigated about are; performance, usability, efficiency and reliability of the software under testing.

User-Interface is one of the primary components that are to be examined and improved in this phase, enhancing the software capabilities to interact with the consumers better. We ensure that even our non-functional testing is quantitative in nature and deliver measurable results.

A Unit in software is the smallest testable part which contributes a specific function to the software. In Unit testing we examine each of your software’s components separately and determine if it’s functionally all good. Paying attention to details we check the fitness of every small piece of code.

Integration testing involves testing the combination of different components within software. The purpose of this type of testing is to ensure each element is playing its part and is integrated properly. For example, integration of payment gateways is tested to ensure payment is convenient and functional for the user.

Usability testing is the type of software testing in which we inspect the overall usability, convenience and practicality of the software. We compare the entire design and structuring of the software or website with some of the prominently winning competitors and look for the areas to improve.

Our quality assurance engineers would test the software manually and would document all the data from the results for any further improvement to make. It’ll improve the user-experience and the software would in turn me more user-centric.

The load testing is carried out to inspect the strength and the capabilities of the software. It basically includes examining the behavior of any software at the normal condition and the peak of operations. Our engineers test how many users the application can handle simultaneously.

Performance testing involves testing the overall performance of the software. This includes; the speed, reliability levels and response time of the software under testing. In general this sort of testing is to measure the potency and usefulness of the software.

Types of Engagement Models

We have different engagement models for our clients to choose from depending on their specific project needs and expectations.

Software Quality Assurance Testing Tools

We are highly conscious of the tools we utilize for scrutinizing and inspecting various softwares to deliver highly functional and operative softwares.

Functional Testing


Test Complete

Tricentis Tosca

Sauce Labs

Micro Focus LeanFT

Parasoft SOAtest

Non-Functional Testing







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Araam is online marketplace software which connects users to service-providers in your local area. We tested its functionality & improved it for better.

Araam software development project
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GoldBrick is a platform designed to allow users to book hotels more conveniently. Our QA testing engineers pointed out gaps in its user-interface.

GoldBrick Software development project
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Funnel is a CRM software for businesses to handle their sales better. Our QA testing team tested their system with various inputs and guaranteed smooth flow.

Funnel Software Development Project
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Carruba is online software built for connecting riders with drivers around the city. With our software testing services their response time increased prominently.

Carruba software development project

Our Software Testing Process

We undertake proper set of actions before starting off with any project to better understand your target audience, market needs and your business’s objectives ensuring the best results. To minimize risks and inefficiencies, we divide our projects into phases to deliver a solid and safe solution.

  • Planning

    Finding your business’s purpose, main goals and target audiences's pains

  • Prototyping
    Testing Plan

    Implement creative ideas to build sitemap. wireframes, landing pages layouts with approval cycle

  • MVP

    Creating content; catchy meta titles, descriptions, headings with perfect user intent keywords to boost your SEO.

  • Launch
    Regression Testing

    Responsive user friendly development with Quality Assurance tests & problem analysis.

Our Clients Say

Our client’s feedback represents the level of expertise, professionalism and dedication we show in our work. With their words we thrive towards excellence.

Buzz Interactive team have done an epic job for our website. Their QA testing engineers completed the remaining part to ensure our website works properly.


Their collaborative work is what made our project a success. Their software testing service has given our platform a totally new level of functionality.

Sourcing Solution

IT Manager

The best thing about Buzz Interactive is that they don’t settle for less. Our project in the final dispatch had a fascinating look and was in the perfect state.


IT Executive

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