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See how our integrated Digital Marketing Techniques & highly accurate content testing helped a new hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia achieve escalating occupancy rate.







GoldBrick Hotels Case Study

In 2016, GoldBrick Hotels opened its doors in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and offered the perfect blend of state-of-the-art amenities and best-in-class service but to ensure the success of the new hotel it needed to attract leisure travelers and guests.

To make it possible, Buzz Interactive dived in and helped GoldBrick Hotels achieve astonishing results within few months period. Over the past few years, we have created phenomenal digital solutions to help new businesses grow and help already established businesses to penetrate in the saturated market.

The Problem

GoldBrick Hotels needed a firm grasp of the online market as well as the physical market within 6 months period. Since it was a newly established business and setting its foot in the luxury hotel market was not an easy task, the competition was high and brand equity of other hotel businesses was hitting its peak.

GoldBrick Logo

No Branding

Social Media Icon

No Online Presence

online presence icon

No Social Media Presence

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No Sales

The Action Plan

In order to capture and win the minds of Hotel customers, we created a well-constructed brand strategy plan. Since GoldBrick Hotels was throwing its hat in the ring with a goal of developing a strong position in the luxury hotel market; increase in number of leads and eventually conversions from these leads it was essential to establish an image of our client right from the beginning.

Marketing Promotion Icon

Increase Brand

world wide web icon

Qualified Leads

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Increase Lead to

Work We Did

Sequence Down _Trans



Taken in account the genre of the service, the image of a bird in flight indicates the progressiveness and growth in the ideology of the brand. Accompanied by an elegant typography is an arc at the bottom giving the impression of a horizon creating a limitless ground; visually depicting the concept of growth, progress and success.

An elegant San serif type with two sets of thickness creates a look of authority and combined with the concept elements provides the whole brand a very balanced and influential aura.

The construction of the logo is very simple as it comprises of a type font with its specification and two vector design elements which will be the asset of the company. In case of any future modifications or adapts, the type and vector elements can be easily molded.

GoldBrick Mockup
GoldBrick Mocksup
GoldBrick Business Card Mockup
brand identity design services
GoldBrick Sign Board Mockup

Want Results Like These?



Buzz Interactive’s bespoke designers have always kept this phrase in mind while working on the design of websites and it has always led to outstanding results. See how GoldBrick Hotels’ web design increased their online presence.

With our brilliant web designing service, we created a stunning professional looking website that captivates a user’s mind. Our web responsive design and professional user interface successfully led to a reduction in bounce rate by 60% and indirectly improved our client’s search engine ranking due to user spending more time on their website.

“First impression is your last impression”

Gold brick


Setting a new foot into a dense market is a big constraint for any new business hence PPC marketing was the best bet to establish a quick position and brand name into the luxury hotel market for GoldBrick Hotels. With our remarkable SEM services GoldBrick Hotels achieved such astounding results.

keyboard before after

170K Ads

4.2K Clicks

RM0.26 AVG

2.47% CTR

The Result

With our strategic digital marketing, not only did GoldBrick Hotels measurably improve its bottom line but was also able to affirm its position in the market. By forging a partnership with us, GoldBrick Hotels’ marketing results have been impressive. Our client was able to improve their number of qualified leads and an increase of hotel reservations by 2x.

By channelizing our powerful digital marketing services, Buzz Interactive has helped GoldBrick Hotels grow their business and continues to digitally expand it further. We were successful in killing two birds with one arrow; establishing our client’s strong position in the market and achieving such goal in less than 6 months.


20,870 Total Website Visits


2000+ Qualified Leads Generated


890 Leads Generated from Conversions

4.5 min

Average Time Spent per Visit

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