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Looking to build your own uber app? Well, you have landed in the right place. Here’s a glimpse of how our services helped Carruba launch & grow in the competitive market owned by Uber/Careem.


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Carruba: Uber like App Case Study

Carruba is a UK based ride hailing service like Uber/Careem/Lyft that launched its operation in Pakistan in 2018. It is currently available in Islamabad, Lahore and Rawalpindi with providing premium ride booking services.

What’s the Story of Carruba?

Carruba has been operating for over 25 years and is the largest ride hailing company in the North East of England. Albeit having a firm grasp of the market it had to spread its wing into other parts of the world since Uber was seen as a threat to Carruba’s market share and that it had been expanding internationally. Soon, it was known that Carruba had to enroll itself in the competitive markets of ride hailing services in Pakistan which were currently being ruled by Uber/Careem.

Our professional consultancy team had been a major helping hand for Carruba’s launch in Pakistan. By developing their brand identity, building a robust ride-hailing mobile app and a bespoke marketing website, the aim was to boost their mobile app conversions and easy driver signup registrations.

We integrate powerful all-in-one solution for our clients to provide them with excellent experience because for Buzz Interactive it’s all about customer service. With constant communication and consultancy, our client was ready to dive into these dense markets and within a few months Carruba was gaining a lot of attention; digital as well as physical presence.

See how we made it all possible for Carruba with impressive tangible results.

The Problem

Carruba initiated its service in 2018 in three main cities of Pakistan; Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad where competition was extremely high and even more strong because Uber had apparently bought Careem. Right now, Carruba was facing two biggest competitors as one.

No Branding

No Technology

No Web Presence

No Social Media Presence

The Action Plan

It was a real challenge to launch Carruba in such a concentrated market and create its position in the market. Buzz Interactive had to implement its best in class digital marketing tactics to allow Carruba to be able to survive and grow in this market where Uber and Careem were leading.

Create Robust Mobile App

Establish Brand Identity

Develop Digital Assets Like Marketing Website

Work We Did

Sequence Down _Trans



With ever rising competition, it was essential to create a strong impact in the market and to resonate the brand, Buzz Interactive’s team brainstormed on some logo designs and came up with a new exuberant design.

A logo constructs the foundation for any brand and apparently the first ingredient to be noticed creating a positive visual impact towards a brand’s image hence a logo is of paramount importance to communicate the brand and Buzz Interactive knows it. 

Color palette
Carruba LOGO
Carruba LOGO 2
Carruba LOGO 3





With our seasoned designers, Buzz Interactive developed a web responsive design website for Carruba with speed optimization service and providing an excellent user interface and user experience to strengthen the brand identity, boost mobile app conversions and to make driver signup easier.

Carrying a great importance in our web designing strategy was to maximize our client’s app downloads which had been a triumph. Reaching escalating results of 10K+ app downloads within a few months with the highest traffic being generated from mobile devices.

We also researched that drivers found it more convenient to register from a website during their discovery process instead of a mobile app. So Carruba’s marketing website boosted driver registration by 30%.

App Development/Design

Keeping in mind the orange theme for Carruba’s app, our bespoke designers set to work. Complex functionality built into gorgeous application for our client, which is simple to use with its engaging interface built for iOS and Android platforms. Optimized to generate best mobile experience for the users on phones, iPads and tablets.

With our impressive app development services we gathered requirements, design, and swiftly crafted a refined, cogent and thorough application for our client. By the way, Uber-like app development doesn’t mean that you just copy and paste the same template because there is a whole lot of iteration in the app development process and some custom features that require experience.


Animation Videos

In order to establish a firm position in the market and create brand awareness, Buzz Interactive came up with some appealing Facebook campaigns. We came up with animated videos to better engage the audience and provide an idea of what Carruba is in just a glimpse.

Our strategy worked out just perfect in creating a strong noise for the brand and helped Carruba achieve mind-blowing 1M+ impressions and 32K+ likes in just 1 month. (We can add real images of the campaign)


Social Media Posts

Targeted Facebook Advertising and professionally designed posts for our client turned out to be a real success in achieving increasing brand awareness – better than expected. Soon, the app downloads, reviews, user and driver signups increased. Which was once looking impossible became possible with our strategic social media services.

animated bus

Advanced SEO Strategies for Ride

Buzz Interactive offered SEO services as well and helped Carruba to rank number 1 on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Our SEO strategy was successful in generating organic traffic that reaped impressive results for our client.

Perfect User Intent Keyword Integration

Effective Link Building

Increasing App Downloads and Signups


Due to an intense competition in the market for ride hailing services, it became essential to spend on PPC marketing in order to survive and improve brand awareness and be of some match in the market with an ever growing share of Uber/Careem.

However, PPC was a good strategy that generated sound results for our client.

50K Ads Impressions

1.2K Clicks

Want Results Like These?

The Result

With our prudent app development and digital marketing plan we were able to generate solid results that were quite impressive in such an extreme competition. With our help, Carruba was generating increasing ride bookings, driver signups, app downloads and app reviews.


60,000 visits from Organic Search Optimization


10K+ App Downloads


4000 Driver Signups


158 Positive App Reviews

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