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With our optimum digital marketing services we helped Funnel CRM reach new heights in digital sphere which globally rocketed its paid signups and user base was seen growing continuously.


Increased Organic Traffic


Increased Signups


Increase in Keyword Ranking

Funnel CRM Case Study

Funnel CRM is an all-in-one software providing a wide in-depth solution for your daily business problems. Ever dealt with work handling problems and swirling deep into a tide of inboxes and losing track of your customers? Or are you a startup and driving the road of success and growth with always rising customer base and workload? Well, whatever the reason, Funnel is the leading Customer Relationship Management software for your business needs.

Funnel CRM also provides dedicated workspace outside your email inbox, and it gives you an easy-to-access location to monitor and manage tasks and activities. It also allows you to set up multiple users and gets your teammates in on the action too.

The Problem

Our client was highly concerned about creating awareness and generating leads in the market for Funnel in less time but the question arose was that, how will such a wide and comprehensive software be explained and generate leads in a short time period?

Giving the outline of this customer relationship management software while being innovative in our Digital Marketing solutions to convince users that Funnel is the best encyclopedic CRM software introduced as compared to other partial CRM software was seen as a major challenge.

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The Action Plan

With our ever-growing skills in the sphere of Digital Marketing environment, we constructed a pretty realistic and simple strategy for our client to meet their requirements in less time period. 

The client’s budget towards Digital Marketing was allocated in this manner: 50% on social media buy-in, 30% on SEO, 20% on PPC marketing.

Social Media Marketing was given the most emphasis with ever engaging post designs to convince users what magic Funnel contains. 

Our social media strategy was primarily focused to engage as much audience as possible leading to an ever increasing traffic to their website. 

Read further to learn how Buzz Interactive’s expressive social media campaign reached 1000+ qualified leads in just 3 weeks. 

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Increase Brand Awareness & Brand Identity 

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Generate High Qualified Leads

Brand Action Plan

Maximize Lead to Conversion rate

Work We Did

Digital Marketing Sequence
Digital Marketing Sequence



The ideology behind the logo of Funnel is just phenomenal. The logo however represents the letter “F” enunciating the first letter of its brand name, but that’s not it. Funnel’s logo design has a hidden meaning buried into its depth.

An actual funnel goes from wide top to narrow bottom though creating a clone shape but the letter “F” in Funnel’s logo provides a connotation of an actual funnel. Our bespoke designers literally cogitated before coming up with such a design. With gaps between each bar and a 30 degree tilt creatively represents the letter “F” and echoes the shape of a funnel. 

Now you might be wondering how we came up with such a funky color palette for the logo. Well, the word funky also starts with the letter “F”. 

With a blend of 8 color schemes our designers successfully came up with such a vibrant design to communicate a connection and closeness with the users.

Funnel Logo
Funnel CRM Logos
Funnel CRM Icons
Funnel CRM Icons
Funnel CRM

Want Results Like These?



The inventive minds behind the development of Funnel’s creative and responsive website provides a stunning user experience and friendly user interface. The entire design copes up with the funky, vibrant touch of Funnel’s concept.

The image in the banner portrays an idea of Funnel providing an all-in-one solution for your business needs giving you a hassle-free experience and with CRM comparison chart it has been assured.

Funnel CRM Full Page Mockup
Funnel CRM


Social Media Posts

For Funnel CRM we used animations to create a connection with the users and provide a short step-by-step tutorial like campaign to assure that the users are aware of all the solutions being offered by Funnel. These animated videos aided the users a lot in understanding the comprehensive feature of Funnel CRM.

The animated video campaign reached a vast number of audience and helped Funnel gain 9800 trial signups out of which 2500 were converted into paid monthly subscriptions.

Funnel CRM Tutorial
Funnel CRM Tutorial
Funnel CRM Tutorial
Funnel CRM Tutorial
Funnel CRM Tutorial
Funnel CRM Tutorial


Social Media Posts

Our social media post campaign was aimed to maximize user engagement and generate traffic to our website and our strategy was successful beyond imagination as one of our posts on cyber black Friday campaign generated 1000+ potential leads, with 1M post likes and 10M shares.

Our team providing social media services from animated videos to daily engaging posts enabled Funnel CRM to get a thrilling overall response by potential users and targeted Facebook advertising showed great results

Funnel CRM Social Media Post
Funnel CRM Social Media Post
Funnel CRM Social Media Post
Funnel CRM
Mother Day Post
Funnel CRM
Araam Social Media Post

Advanced SEO Strategies for CRM

With our powerful SEO services and strategy, Funnel’s rank immediately boosted to number 1 in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) which skyrocketed the organic traffic generation for our client by 500% in just 3 weeks.

Our strategy included internal linking along with SEO for different pages within one parent page for Funnel. It was a strong SEO strategy used by Buzz Interactive which made it all possible for us to reap such astonishing results within 3 weeks period.

We started off with optimizing CRM Solutions web page and all the internal landing pages for different CRM use cases for roles including CRM for Startups, CRM for Freelancers, CRM for Small Businesses, CRM for Agency, CRM for Real Estate, CRM for Sales, CRM for Operations, CRM for Marketing and many more internal landing pages.

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Effective Link Building

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Content Marketing

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Creative Infographic


With our professional SEM service we utilized Funnel’s 10% of the budget on PPC marketing which turned out to be more than enough since keywords that were highly effective yet had low CPC (Cost-per-click) were targeted. Such a strategy was successful in generating high amounts of leads and satisfied our client as it helped them to have their ROI (Return on investment) increased significantly.

300K Ads

4.2K Clicks

$ 7.2 AVG

1.83% CTR

The Result

Harnessing the power of our all-in-one digital marketing campaign, Buzz Interactive was starting to generate sound results for Funnel which were generating qualified leads that soon converted into permanent customers.

From meeting our client’s requirement to increase their brand awareness, brand identity and brand loyalty to generating impressive results. And that’s just the beginning. Continuing their work with Buzz Interactive, Funnel’s campaign continues to grow globally.


1M+ Social Media


205,500 Yearly Organic


50,000 Yearly Qualified


2000 Yearly Lead to

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