Why Select Angular For Web App Development In 2022?

To accelerate their growth, businesses today are becoming more digital. Nowadays, everyone wants to be online and enjoy some of the money that comes with having a digital presence. The number of websites that go live each day grows along with the number of currently online websites. Due to the intense competition, dynamic and user-friendly online applications are essential to the success of businesses. These competitions have allowed web and mobile app development companies to create engaging, single-page web applications that cater to users’ needs. Companies also use Angular as their main framework to create these apps due to its functional adaptability and scalable solution approach.

What is Angular Web Development?

Angular’s open-source front-end framework was created for cutting-edge and potent online apps. It continues demonstrating its supremacy as the most recognizable name among front-end JavaScript frameworks. This framework is capable of creating robust single-page applications. The JavaScript-based framework for creating mobile and desktop web applications, Angular, was first introduced by Google in 2009 and has undergone significant development since then.=By utilizing dependency injection and data binding, Angular reduces the extra code programmers would typically have to write. Its outstanding characteristics, such as two-way binding, prefabrication, templating, AJAX handling, etc., can also be called SPAs.

Developers may enhance HTML’s syntax with Angular to precisely and concisely express app elements with only a few lines of code by using HTML as a foundation template language. The AngularJS framework is one that many well-known businesses like Upwork, PayPal, and The Guardian use to build their websites. Additionally, many other people include AngularJS in their MEAN Stack. It combines NodeJS, Express, AngularJS, and MongoDB.

Nevertheless, it is one of the most widely used JavaScript frameworks and aims to make front-end programming much simpler and more approachable. It is crucial to understand the nuances of any framework you select for your project because the performance of an application significantly depends on its technology stack and, to some extent, the Angular Development Company you hire for your project.

Here are a few statistics that show Angular’s popularity: 

  • There are currently 625,514 websites that are making use of Angular
  • Angular’s market position in the JavaScript framework is #4
  • The top 5 countries using Angular are the United States, Russia, Japan, Taiwan, and India. 
  • The top 4 industry verticals that are making use of Angular are Computer Electronics and Technology (6.2%), Arts & Entertainment (4.87%), Science and Education (3.67%), and News & Media (3.17%). 

Is Angular a Good Choice for Web App Development in 2022?

Angular 13—the most recent version—was made available in November 2021. Every iteration of Angular has demonstrated advances in developer productivity, simplicity, and efficiency. Angular has consistently improved and reinvented itself. Below mentioned are the 10 reasons why you should consider Angular for web app development in 2022:

An Ideal Solution for Organizations

It is the finest framework for apps in the following categories: video streaming, travel, social, m-commerce, reviews, and weather. Large enterprises, new businesses, and small and medium-sized businesses can utilize the strengths of this framework. Platform-agnostic Progressive web applications, native mobile apps, and desktop apps are examples of cross-platform applications. Performance and speed are improved via code generation, server-side delivery of app views, and code separation. The robust template syntax, editor, Angular CLI, and IDEs all help to boost productivity. You may speed up development using animation timelines, unit tests, and apps supporting ARIA. The usage of Angular provides a substantial advantage for businesses of all sizes.

Offers Enhanced Security to Web Applications

Enterprises are particularly concerned about the security of their information, apps, and innovations. For instance, angular technology communicates with its servers over an HTTPS interface. From now on, all you have to do is follow the safety procedures to ensure total security.

Simplified MVC Architecture

Angular’s tremendous and easy-to-use structure enables end-users to work on it straightforwardly. This framework was developed to make using the MVC architecture for web apps relatively straightforward for the end-users. It manages all types of data binding and separates the model from the view.

It is a suitable option for more significant projects. The MVC framework is well-liked because it divides an application’s many components, making testing and development much more straightforward.

Two-Way Data Binding

Additionally, Angular comprises two-way data binding. This is the component that updates the view immediately if data in the model changes and also, vice versa. The benefit of this is that Angular will note all the variables for you. Therefore, it is a terrific choice for intricate applications. The benefit of two-way data binding is that Angular handles managing the state of all your variables for you, simplifying development and testing.

Google supports angular

The fact that Google supports Angular is arguably its biggest advantage. It is clear from Google’s Long-Term Support (LTS) for Angular that the company intends to stick with the framework and expand the Angular ecosystem. The team behind Google apps also uses Angular and is very confident in its stability. Additionally, other Angular developers have the incredible chance to learn from Google-certified Angular specialists.

Enables Easy Testing

We are all familiar with the fact that testing and re-testing are crucial to the creation and distribution of software. The built-in support of testing frameworks like Karma.js and Protractor makes testing and debugging Angular web development straightforward. Dependency injection testing allows you to track how your web application’s components are created. To ensure your application functions as intended, you should test it properly before publishing.

POJO Model, Which Enables Eliminating of External Dependencies

Angular uses the Plain Old JavaScript Objects (POJO) Model to make the code transportable and independent. As a result, we can avoid adding intricate functions or processes to the software. Additionally, it does away with the requirement for external frameworks or plugins. Applications built with Angular load rapidly and provide excellent user accessibility because POJO requires less coding. Additionally, the paradigm enables us to maintain clear scripts, which makes the framework goal-oriented.

Code Consistency and Robust Ecosystem

With the help of the Angular CLI tool, developers can create simple projects, run tests, and add new functionality within a single task while keeping the rest of the team updated. The developers routinely laud Angular’s style guide. Team communication is more comfortable and less likely to be misinterpreted. Thanks to the framework’s broad ecosystem, this has kindly donated resources and the dependency injection capability to the developer community.

Excellent Community Support

Both the divisions of the core team of developers and those who provide fixes or suggest changes provide AngularJS with outstanding community support. For developers, there are numerous online resources and numerous books about AngularJS accessible on the market. This shows that the developers not only have the opportunity to participate in the sizable open-source community but also have access to knowledgeable engineers who can help them understand their problems.

Removal of Microsoft Explorer 11

To speed up page loading, the Angular community has disabled Microsoft Explorer 11 in its basic browser settings. Hence, the newest CSS variable and complicated visuals would not slow a page’s loading speed.

Which are the Type of Websites and Applications That are Built with Angular?


  • Gmail: Over 1.8 billion customers are served daily by a straightforward mail platform from Google, Gmail. It comprises just one HTML page, which dynamically updates when fresh emails and messages come in. One of the best illustrations of an Angular application, showing how to deliver top-notch performance even under heavy load.
  • Upwork: Upwork is a platform for freelancing that links users to carry out tasks or do business. The online application for Upwork uses Angular to handle and deliver features like in-app calling, payment gateways, and testing. Today, Upwork has approximately 145,400 core clients. Upwork’s Gross Services Volume is approximately over $2.5 Billion. 
  • Forbes: One of the most esteemed international business publications uses Angular to provide readers with sophisticated research. It aims to propose high performance and responsive website that accommodates a lot of information, is simple to read and is cross-platform compatible.


Angular is a highly adaptable framework with several capabilities that enable businesses to attain a high speed to market and speedier development. The range of web frameworks is vast, even though picking the correct tools for any project is essential. As a final point, the Angular framework has continued to dominate the industry and remains a developer favorite even years after its first release. With outstanding qualities like Google support, SEO-friendly capabilities, structured architecture, and others, Angular is an unbeatable option for developing websites and mobile applications that will still be used in 2022.