Buzz Interactive Showcases Our Work on Clutch!

Here at Buzz Interactive, we believe in being inspired by the passion and being driven by results. As a full-service digital marketing agency based out of Lahore, Pakistan, we have been able to repeatedly produce outstanding results for our clients, from small, local businesses to P&G and McDonald’s. Our nimble and elite agency is fueled by passionate, creative, and intelligent people who love to pioneer new concepts in digital marketing and technology.

We aim to build strong brands, produce well-chosen content, create clean and relevant designs, develop top-notched websites, and combine strategies across a variety of fields. With all of our hard work and dedication, we wanted an opportunity to showcase not only what we do, but provide a platform for our happy clients to talk about what they love about our services. That’s why we recently teamed up with

Clutch, a B2B, ratings and reviews site based in Washington, D.C., is committed to identifying and facilitating business relationships by highlighting top companies in different fields like web development, digital marketing, and search engine optimization. They create detailed reviews in a case study format by having brief 10- to 15-minute phone conversations with past and current clients of the companies featured on their website. Companies are ranked according to the content of these third-party, unbiased reviews, as well as their past and current clientele and experience and their market presence.

Curious about what our clients have to say about us? Feel free to head over to our profile on Clutch and read our reviews. We always love to hear from our clients so we can continue to provide the services that work best for you.

Buzz Interactive Listing in Clutch


One of our clients, the COO of a professional networking platform, noted our transparency, which complements our knowledge of the digital marketing field: “As a whole, I would say that their services are quite professional. They are really transparent in their work.” She continued, “That’s why I offered them the social media, because as a customer, I was really comfortable working with them.”

She also commented on our excellent communication skills: “Their communication is impressive. They understand what their client wants. If the agency doesn’t listen, they don’t know what I want.”

We are proud to be featured as one of Clutch’s digital marketing companies and we are excited to continue to build on our profile. We are grateful for the clients who have taken the time to speak with Clutch about our services and we look forward to hearing more as we continue to grow our Clutch profile and gain more feedback from our wonderful clients!