5 WordPress Booking Plugins to boost your business bookings

5 WordPress Booking Plugins to Boost Bookings for Your Business

A business of chain of hotels, salon, or a tourism agency!

Whatever kind of business it is, WordPress booking plugins can help you manage and scale bookings on your business website.

An online booking system takes it to new heights by saving you a lot of time plus the hard work by conveniently handling all your appointments and reservations. Keeping you away from all the desk work and being across the board answer for your definitive online appearance.

Panda Multi Store - Booking Plugin

Image: Panda Multi Resorts

What Visitors Expect from an Efficient Online Booking System

Details & relevant images:

It is necessary to provide users with information about the booking to assist them in deciding easily.

Payment methods:

Try to make payments easygoing and simple. Also, let them save their payment details.

Availability calendar:

The availability calendar is useful for the customers to get the details of what slots are free or which ones are booked.

Confirmation notification:

Send an alert to the user confirming that their appointment has been confirmed through email or SMS.

Cancellation & refund:

Customers should have the ability to cancel an appointment at any time & get a refund.

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”  Michael LeBoeuf

Stop wasting your time in taking calls and making reservations, appointments or anything at all because we are taking you to what WordPress has in its store for you to help your business expand!

One benefit of WordPress development services is that it provides numerous booking plugins to choose from. But many choices bring much confusion along with it so here is research for when you are unable to decide which plugin would be reliable for you to select it among all others and develop more bookings.

5 Best WordPress Booking Plugins

We have the 5 best WordPress booking plugin recommendations for you.

Let’s begin with the exploration.

    1. Booking Calendar
    2. Bookly
    3. Birchpress
    4. Amelia
    5. Pinpoint Booking System Pro

1. Booking Calendar

Choose the booking calendar if you are in search of a free solution for availability checking and reservations of your website. It is the first WordPress booking system with over 40,000 active installs.

Image: Booking Calendar WordPress

Show the availability to your customers and get appointments for your service- the simplest way to utilize a booking framework with a perfect and smooth interface. Your visitors will pay online for their bookings and you will be receiving the notifications through email and can deal with the reservations in the instinctive booking admin panel.

Customize it according to your design of the site or workflow process and what next? All ready to manage your bookings!

Key abilities:

  • Select day(s) in the schedule (which is conceivable to modify for fitting to your site plan)
  • Select accessible availability (time slot)
  • Fill booking structure fields (field names can be changed/ can be arranged as deactivate/activate or set as required)
  • Submit a booking

Key features:

Specific Time Bookings Book specific time slots for dates of your choice.
Supportive Admin Panel Manage and see the bookings through a supportive and friendly admin interface.
Advanced Day Selection Set minimum, maximum, single or multiple day(s) selection.
Advanced Rates and Costs Set season rates dependent on selected days or from deposit payments, options or coupons.
Check Availability Search accessible or available resources for specific number of visitors and dates.
Multiple Bookings Set multiple bookings of the specific full day(s) by different visitors.
Multi-User Functionality Enables multiple booking admin panels.
Multi-languages Support qTranslate and WPML plugins for multilingual websites.
Email Templates Set email notifications for common actions of booking.
Responsive Front-End Design Calendar and booking form support responsive designs for any device.
Online Payment Configure or activate payment systems integration with the useful payment gateways.
Customizable Form and Calendar Set the booking form according to the choice. Choose from diverse calendar skins suitable for your site design.
Edit Bookings Allows editing of all the existing bookings by the visitor or admin.

Note: Download the plugin

2. Bookly

You need to choose Bookly if you are searching for an absolute solution with an eye-grabbing design.

Bookly: WordPress Booking Plugin

Image: Bookly WordPress

Save your time and also expand your business with Bookly. It offers a number of facilities by just adding or configuring the settings in a way you need. It allows the customization of booking or an appointment system in different ways.

What’s exciting is that it is integrated with Google Calendars and WooCommerce to provide you extra benefits. Your customers and you can receive all the notifications via email or SMS. Install and organize it within no time and get started right away. The user interface of Bookly is so neat that the user finds it no more complicated when addressing the bookings or appointments.

Bookly: WordPress Booking Plugin Interface

Image: Bookly WordPress

Your booking steps are much more convenient with Bookly. The visitor will have to follow these easy actions mentioned below

  • Choose service, time, and staff member
  • Pick desired time slot
  • Book multiple appointments (Optional)
  • Fill the user information
  • Payment method
  • Booking confirmation

Key features:

  • User-friendly admin panel for easy WP setup
  • Customization of form fields, text, colors etc.
  • Sleek design
  • Mobile friendly back end to let you manage everything on the go
  • Email and SMS notifications to keep you updated
  • Translation setup for almost 10 languages
  • Integration with many payment systems
  • Google calendar and WooCommerce integration
  • Smooth customer management
  • Distribute coupons
  • Variable pricing for members of the staff

Note: Download the plugin 

3. BirchPress

A scheduling plugin that can be excessively used for various businesses. The specific aim of BirchPress plugin is to facilitate the small business to carry out all the appointment methods effortlessly.

Image: BirchPress WordPress

The visitors can schedule an appointment only by filling a form. The booking forms can be embedded by the posts and pages section of the website. Through this WordPress plugin, you can send reminders to your clients about any appointment or it can also be canceled or rescheduled.

It lets you customize forms according to the type of your business by meeting all your conditions effectively.  It is integrated with WooCommerce that gives you various payment methods to choose from.

Key features:

  • Notifications and reminder emails
  • Form customization
  • Consistent mobile integration
  • Staff appointment support
  • Group booking
  • Shortcode support
  • Calendar sync.
  • Export or import data
  • Block holidays
  • Page redirection
  • PayPal integration

Note: Download the plugin

4. Amelia

Are you searching out for enterprise-level event and appointment booking plugin? If yes, stop right here because Amelia works around the clock for you.

Image: Amelia

It manages all the changes, cancellations, sets appointments with employee availability, sends email reminders and collects payments. All of this is done with complete effectiveness.

Set an attractive event page with descriptions and images. With Amelia, you only have to check your status and nothing else. It is integrated with WooCommerce and provides you many payment methods such as Strype and PayPal.

Furthermore, you can generate coupons that can be utilized for discounts. One of the choices is to send coupons consequently when the client books a specific number of appointments. It has 3 fully customizable booking forms and you can set the design of it according to what suits your website the best.

Key features:

  • SMS and email notifications
  • Reporting and insightful dashboard
  • Support for service extras
  • Custom fields for booking forms
  • Google calendar synchronization
  • Handle multiple locations
  • Configure the minimum time required before canceling or booking
  • Set buffer time before and after service
  • Full financial details of the payments
  • Customizable design
  • Discount coupons
  • Configure breaks, global working hours and days off

Note: Download the plugin

5. Pinpoint Booking System Pro

This WordPress plugin shows a striking schedule calendar on your site where guests can book an appointment by checking your accessibility.

It enables you to create boundless booking schedules. You can likewise make promotions number of items accessible every day, set distinctive prices, set the status of administrations and so on.

Image: PinPoint WordPress

It supports numerous languages and also accompanies WooCommerce integration. Aside from this, it also has a support of multi-currency which is not available in many other features. Fee and adding taxes is also one of the features of this WordPress booking plugin.

Key features:

  • Custom booking forms
  • Voucher/coupon support
  • Create or set booking rules
  • Widget support
  • Support of PayPal
  • Multiple CSS templates
  • Email notification support

Note: Download the plugin


1. Why online booking system is different?

Your business gets accessible to the customers for the reservations. It increases the payment method while reducing paper work and saving time.

2. The booking system I use, can it be customized?

Yes, WordPress booking plugins allow you to customize it according to your site design. Every plugin is not equal, they are built keeping in mind the specific requirement of every sector of the business.

3. How long will it take to build the booking system?

WordPress plugins work around the clock to make sure that you are provided with what you need within productively.


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