Best tools to get more followers on Instagram

The 5 Best Tools to Get More Followers on Instagram

As Instagram continues to be a driving force for influencers and brands everywhere, having a large and engaged following on Instagram is now more important than ever.

However, gaining followers is no easy feat as Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm makes it a challenge to get engagement and keeps up with trends.

Additionally, as virtually every brand and business aims to become Insta-famous, it’s even harder to stand out on Instagram these days. While gaining new followers organically may seem overwhelming, it certainly isn’t impossible.

If you want to give your Instagram aCanva new lease on life, use the following five tools to gain more followers and better your Instagram marketing strategy:


1.Kicksta for Instagram Growth

One of the best ways to grow your following on Instagram is to use a growth tool like Kicksta. Using Kicksta to get more followers on Instagram will help you attract interested followers that will consistently engage with your posts. For many Kicksta clients, these followers are easily converted to customers and long-term clients.

Clients love how easy it is to organically grow an authentic following with Kicksta. This service works by targeting the followers of accounts similar to yours and liking a few posts from each follower’s feed. Interested followers will visit your page and likely follow you back, resulting in a growing following of real and engaged Instagrammers.


2. Canva for Instagram Graphics

If you want to create quick and high-quality Instagram images, Canva should be your go-to tool. Canva is a secret weapon for many small businesses and brands that don’t have an in-house graphic designer. With Canva’s easy-to-use interface, anyone can create a creative and visually pleasing graphic. Even if you have no experience as a designer, you can use the pre-designed templates and have a ready-to-post graphic in seconds.Canva

On Canva, you can easily create stunning graphics that are perfect for your Instagram feed or your stories. Whether you choose to create a completely new image from scratch or use one of their many templates to help you get started, the creative options are truly limitless with Canva. The more you familiarize yourself with the app or web version of this powerful content creator, the more Canva will become an integral part of your Instagram campaigns.


3. Planoly for Scheduling

Scheduling is made easy with Planoly. Ever wonder how well a new graphic will fit into your feed? Using Planoly, you can drag and drop your photos into your grid to see what looks best. This makes it easy to keep your content as consistent as possible when planning your feed.

Once you select the images you plan to use, you can write the hashtags and description for your post inside the app. Once everything is added, your posts will be ready to go. Far more than a simple planner, Planoly makes it easy to run your Instagram from the app itself. Use Planoly to curate and repost other content, analyze your analytics, make drafts of grids, and manage your comments all from the app. Whether you’re planning your stories or your Instagram feed, Planoly is essential for scheduling your Instagram content.


4. VSCO for Editing Images

With powerful, one-tap photo editing, VSCO is beloved among Instagrammers everywhere for its efficiency. With a multitude of beautiful filters, VSCO allows you to create curated content that is perfectly tailored to your brand’s aesthetic. As you get the hang of using VSCO, you’ll gravitate towards a few favorite filters that will work to visually tie all your images together.

VSCO is ideal for the Instagrammer that wants to edit on the go or a brand that needs to create a highly-curated and consistent feed. Instead of having to use an overly complicated editing process, when editing, simply open your photos in the VSCO library and select a photo. In the VSCO library, you are able to see all your potential posts, which essentially acts as a preview to your Instagram feed.


5. Iconosquare for Instagram Analytics

Businesses, brands, and social media marketing agencies that use Instagram, have easy access to all the pertinent data about their content’s performance. While there is certainly a plethora of information available through these metrics, it can be a challenge to figure out how to use this information to improve your content. Put your metrics to work for you with Iconosquare.

With Iconosquare, you can view the analytics of how many followers like your content, what followers are commenting, and the percentage of potential followers that aren’t following you but like your content. Through Iconosquare, you gain access to daily and weekly reports, keeping you up to date on your engagement. This information is displayed in the form of scores: the love rate, tap rate, and the spread rate.

Additionally, you can view your statistics in the form of a pie chart, a bar graph, and a line graph. With Iconosquare, you can also see what media receives the most comments and the best time for you to post your content. This makes it easier to plan your posts, as you know when to post and who is more likely to respond positively to your content.

Bringing in more engagement and new followers is about more than just posting killer content. With the help of these five powerful social media services, you’ll see significant growth in your following on Instagram as you put these strategies to work for your brand.