Case Study of Araam has been started by three young enterprising entrepreneurs; Sania, Gohar and Irsa. It is a technology driven web portal which is transforming the way people connect with professionals to accomplish any project, anytime, anywhere in Pakistan. It is based on the idea which revolves around the concept of hiring and lending services in Pakistan digitally. The vision is to create new business opportunities and effective flow of user-vendor indentures. Features of Araam provides accessibility to the freelancers, SME’s and startups. It has revolutionized the way people hire and lend services in Pakistan.



How Araam was found?

Araam’s idea must be wobbling in the heads of all those Pakistanis who wanted a graphic designer or maybe a web developer for their businesses but they couldn’t as they got stuck in the hula hoop of questions such as where to find these professionals? And how to reach them easily and effectually? Araam’s concept came as a knight in shining armor for such individuals and provided a bridge which connected them with the service professionals they needed. The plan behind Araam was simple, it identified the emerging market of freelancers and skillful professionals in Pakistan and connected them with the general public who wanted to hire their services. For this the founders of Araam used SaaS digital platform and created



Journey of Araam:

As Araam squeezed through the gaps of digital world, it was reckoned as a new kid on the block who definitely needed an introduction. Buzz Interactive took this challenge and comprehended the visionary thinking of the founders. Before expressing the idea of Araam to the general public, Buzz Team recognized Araam as Ali Baba’s hidden treasure which was yet to be discovered by the freelancing market of Pakistan. Thus the team pulled up their socks and began working to build the foundation of Araam by carving out different social media campaigns to interact with local community and to connect with them on individual level. Araam’s website, print and social media created a prism effect which transformed into single ray of identity which got further translated into quality services Araam provides.

Firstly, we created the awareness of Araam by educating the vendors and users through social media campaigns which communicated the idea behind Araam. The campaign was #KaroKaamwithAraam which conversed the idea behind the name of website which actually depicts ease and simplicity in hiring and lending services. The campaign reached 11,323 people and got 3,395 post engagements.

After successfully establishing the identity of brand through social media and website. The pool of Araam’s website started getting overflowed with signups from vendors and freelancers. Such an overwhelming response beckoned our creative team to design a user perspective campaign to attract users and thus they came up with Araam’s another campaign which was #AraamSe Dhondo. This campaign showed positive results and it reached 42,000 people and got 11,210 post engagements.

#SabKuchMilayAraamSe was our third campaign which created a ripple effect and acted as a lighthouse for all the different vendors and freelancers. This campaign generated leads and sign ups by reaching 23,514 people and 4,000 post engagements. In 3 months, Araam revenue rocketed up to PKR 1 million. In short, the campaign was a massive triumph.

There was also a work needed to be done on the development side of the website of Araam, the google speed test rating of Araam was D grade. Buzz Team improved it to A+ rating and also added 30+ keywords which were ranked # 1 on google.

Overall, Buzz created the identity of Araam, crafted its online presence and developed the interactive platform for general public through social media channels. Through all of these campaigns Araam generated more than 7000 vendor and user signups, 4000 jobs and 2000 transactions. All this hard work enumerated revenue of 1 million in 3 months which was definitely a milestone in the accomplishments of Araam.