online marketing ideas for restaurant

Social Media Marketing Tips for Restaurant Business

People use their mobile devices for more than 100 times a day and they are seen using social media sites the most due to which Digital Marketing Agencies are using social media marketing strategy in the marketing mix of businesses.

The fastest way seen to promote your brand is through social media sites so let’s talk about it.

1. Facebook Marketing

This one is the largest platform among the social media sites, where millions of people daily check-in to connect with people, to search for brands; attain their information etc.

It is thus an important platform for brand promotion and awareness but how can a restaurant business make full use of this networking site efficiently and effectively.

  • Creating a Fan Page

The first and foremost part is to create a page which will help your restaurant business to put all the details regarding your brand; there are different tabs like, Home, About, Posts, Videos etc.

The about section includes all the details about your brand, such that website link, contact info, location, and others and it is an important area which will help the customers get an idea about the business and possibly allow to have a contact with you.

Now that you have established a Facebook fan page, raise awareness and engagement.

  • Professional Designed Posts

In order to engage with your audience, you need to post high-quality pictures containing aesthetic sense which will lure the customers to your eatery; use images of your mouthwatering meals.

Especially for food businesses such as restaurants, marketing on social media through an array of cuisine images is a must.

In general, the posts should include your product’s images because customers need to learn about your product; new deals, any new product developed etc. Therefore, a restaurant business can include a variety of their cuisines, any new addition in any one of their cuisine, also you can create a look book of the entire menu with prices and full detail about the ingredients used.

  • Use Videos as a Marketing Tool

Nowadays videos are becoming immensely important as a part of marketing on social media, they go viral within seconds, and therefore it would turn out to be a good source of brand promotion and awareness.

Uploading videos maybe of how your food is made, or maybe have short interviews with your staff so that people learn about your team and feel like a part of your brand. You may also make videos on social service; helping others, giving free food to homeless and poor, which will create an emotional attachment for you with your clients.

This would work as a PR booster also allow more and more people to connect with your brand, boost the engagement rate and establish a brand image.

  • Promotional Campaigns

Establish a high level of user participation and brand awareness by using campaigns such as contests, discounts, redeemable codes, etc. This will not only attract and boost engagement from current customers, but it can also convert users into potential customers and lead them to your restaurant.

  • Boost Your Posts

Organically reaching a large number of people on Facebook is time-consuming and slow way, but you can spend small amounts of money to reach a large number of target audience.

Facebook also allows to geo-target your ads as you can control which location the ads should be seen, ads can target your type of niche and can grab the attention of people you target specifically.

2. Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a large platform for photo sharing and it stimulates visual posts only, therefore it can be a good source to have your restaurant business promoted.

Furthermore, Instagram works best with hashtags and can improve your brand’s awareness quickly.

Use the following methods to get your brand promoted and lure people to your establishment

  • Share Your Menu

You can make a post including your menu item to let people know about different types of meals available. The menu is important for a restaurant business because mostly that is the one thing people look for on social media sites.

  • Add High-Quality Images

Take full advantage of this platform to promote your brand through images. Add high-quality images of a wide variety of your meals/cuisines.

You may also engage people and attract them to your restaurant by adding images of your restaurant to let them know about the environment it provides.

  • Hashtag Usage

Use hashtags for your specific niche to reach food lovers, this will increase your following and engagement of your posts. Furthermore, it will boost your restaurant’s awareness too.

  • Staff Appraisal and Videos

Appraise your staff and increase customers’ engagement by adding staff videos and letting know people about their performance. This will encourage people to link themselves with the brand and generate an image in their minds that it is a fun place to hang in, while on the other hand the employees will feel enriched and boost the restaurant’s environment even more.

  • Brand Promotion

You can also promote your posts and target to specific audience related to your niche, this will help to boost your following and improve the customer base.

3. Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is another social media platform which helps to boost a large catalog of ideas where you can create boards on your home page.

The best and most relevant board for a restaurant business can be

  • Recipe Board: Publish recipes of your different kinds of meals and let people know how to make mouthwatering meals at home.
  • Menu Item Board: Publish menus of different cuisines and if possible add their price and ingredient details.

You can set up many different boards and establish a following of customers. Research has shown that Pinterest is used mostly by women’s, therefore, the promotion of the restaurant business through this site can be beneficial.

Moreover, Pinterest also allows paid advertising, which will help generate a following and customer base quickly and promote your pins to a large number of people.

4. Twitter Marketing

A trendy social media site for restaurant businesses, whether small or big where power is of hashtags, just like Instagram.

You have 140 words at every update so the most successful way to get your brand promoted is by using links and images.

The real games isn’t about images on Twitter, therefore add links to your menu with using catchy lines that actually enables the users to click them, and links to your other social networking pages can be used to direct the audience to that site and allow them to learn more about your brand.

If you really want to have your brand to catch users’ attention you must time your tweets at different times such as at breakfast time if you have a breakfast deal, dinner time etc. Moreover, paid promotion is also a way to spread the words to a large number of people.

5. Foursquare Check-Ins

Foursquare is a social networking site where you can find the best places to eat, drink and shop around in your particular location. People use check-ins of places they go and leave reviews.

Register your business on this platform; see how many people are checking-in and how the reviews can help you understand what the people need improvements in. It can work as a way to add to people’s knowledge about your restaurant.

As we conclude Social Media is one of the largest platforms for almost anything now; it has made it easy to connect to millions of people at once. Not only social media has grown to its peak but mobile phones have also been growing in its usage level, which has given an immense boost to mobile apps and social sites, therefore, Social Media Marketing Services has become immensely important for almost all businesses.