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SEO In 2019 Is Different: 4 Disruptor Trends To Understand

The game of Search Engine Optimization SEO is not the same as before, as in it’s now taking some rad twists. With the onslaught of fast innovation in technology, the growing need of internet users to get the best out of search engines is swiftly evolving the process of SEO techniques a lot – in 2019.

In 2019, any seo agency or expert would need to go a mile further in their strategies for ranking higher. This requires incorporating the new trends in SEO planning, and looking out for the changing patterns of doing search by internet users.

This article precisely focuses on the most striking trends in SEO that’ll also play a decisive role in how the future of SEO is going to be like.

If you want your website to rank high in search results this year, as well as in future, then you’ll have to understand and follow the following 4 trends:

Mobile First Indexing:

As per Google’s initiative, mobile first indexing is a way Google will be ranking websites on the basis of how well a website is optimized for mobile phones. This means that the search results you see on google will now directly take you to the mobile version of a website.

Google began the process of migrating websites to mobile first index in March 2018. And in July 2019 (this year), Google further announced that all new domains will only be assessed using mobile first principles. Once a site is migrated, mobile version will be used as a means for ranking.

And all the above is for good reason too.

    ★ Mobile devices now account for 3 in almost 5 of all the searches online.

See These Steps To See How You Can Make Your Site Mobile Compatible:

1-         Make your content same for both desktop as well as mobile version. For instance, the page should not ask the mobile user to click on options like “read more” to read further. Consult expert website seo services in this regard to make all your pages optimize from every angle possible.

2-         Stop using the “m version” (mobile site version) and optimize for the responsive version.

3-         Set up “mobile accelerated” pages on your web server. This will make your website to load quickly.

4-         Select themes that are mobile responsive.

5-         Do go to Google and search for Google Mobile Responsive Test and explore what google says about your site’s mobile friendly performance.

Voice Search Optimization:

The concept of voice search refers to speaking, instead of typing in your query on a search bar. This allows the user to just say something and get relevant results from search engines like google.

Voice Search has not yet gathered immense popularity in 2019, but the statistics tell a lot about how this trend will become much more prevalent among internet users by 2020 and so forth.

★ Experts say that by 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches.

★ Users of voice assistants are growing year-after-year to an extent that today, one in six Americans now own smart speakers.

★ And that 35.6 million US citizens use a voice activated device once a month.

Mr. Michael Bonfil is a managing director at SEM International who asserted the importance of voice search as a game changer for multinational and multilingual websites in these words:

“Hopefully, marketers will realize in 2019 that the effective use of voice response can’t be done by translators (machine or human). The use of voice is, and can be very different from country to country, region to region, dialect to dialect, social class to social class, etc.,”.

According to Solis:

“While ‘voice’ might be an easier way to request answers in some scenarios, it certainly isn’t the ideal format to fulfill the intent in more complex answers (e.g., when comparing services or products).”

That being said, comes the role of an SEO services company where it’ll need to delve deep inside to better optimize your websites for voice searches. But this is not as easy as it seems.

You see, natural language requests are way different from what users type-in in the search bar of a search engine. Voice search essentially comes with keywords that are long-tailed and a little tricky – to be precise.. This is why top SEO companies are readily making sure that they understand the users’ language well, and incorporate voice strings that match what users are speaking.

★ 40% of users are already using voice search over normal keyed in searches.

This trend will only grow in the future. Voice search optimization is not just a matter of choice now, it’s an imperative for ranking higher in the coming years. So start doing it from now on.

So how to generate more voice search traffic by SEO optimization? Here are some basic steps:

 1-  Use long-tail keywords.

 2-  Make sure your site is compatible with a HTTPS framework. This optimizes a website to generate much more traffic from voice search. As 65% of results from voice search are against those sites that have HTTPS.

 3-  Build an authoritative domain. Study’s found that sites that have a lot of links, content, social shares and good user experience, get the lion’s share of voice search.

 4-  Your website must “load fast”. Should be precisely 4.6 seconds or faster. 4.6 is 50% faster than the average web page.

 5-  You need to have short answers within your content. So long content is good for SEO health, and it should also have answers to explain the specific terms you are using so people can directly access through voice search.

Blockchain SEO:

Blockchain technology is a complex system of online records for supporting online verification, and ensuring secure movement or exchange of assets. It’s a kind of ledger that’s decentralised – meaning there is no third party that solely oversees these records. And this ledger is accessible by everyone on the network. This makes the record similar to a spreadsheet shared among all the participants. Blockchain spreadsheets get simultaneously updated time-to-time. Furthermore, if anyone tries misrepresenting data, the blockchain will detect discrepancy and nullify it by itself. Also it’s close to impossible for anyone to tamper with so many record strings – that are essentially attached together through blockchains.

Blockchain technology will hugely impact the SEO landscape from now on.

As David Lockie the founder of Pragmatic said:

“Websites will be able to record the identity of their visitors or log the number of token rewards that a blog post has secured. It’d even calculate which visitors have added value to specific posts and the actions they took”. And goes on to say: “All of this would input into ranking factors and make the web a more robust and productive social graph, almost infinite in its scope”

Another benefit of blockchain is reduction in PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising fraud. This will encourage people to feel secure while clicking through Ads to landing pages of websites.

Eventually it’d lead to more traffic, more time on pages, boosted conversions, along with betterment in other metrics responsible for strong SEO.

Now for applying blockchain to websites will require SEO experts and web developers to work in close liaison.

By doing this, website owners will have organic search benefits apart from the display of information from blockchain transactions.

Amazon Search Optimization:

Google search engine is the best of the best for getting information for almost anything you want. This makes Google the King of the market. But when it comes to e-commerce activity, Amazon seems to rule the roost. Everyday, more and more people are using the internet for e-commerce to fulfill their shopping needs.

Now Amazon is not at all a universal search engine, but its algorithms are similar to that of Google and that Amazon gets the lion’s share of all e-commerce traffic from across the globe.

A great number of SEO experts witnessed a huge growth in Amazon Search Optimization.

★ According to a study by Kenshoo, 72% of consumers in the UK, US, Germany and France are using Amazon to look for products online.

★ 56% consumers prefer going to Amazon first before they check on other platforms.

★ And conversely, 52% always check with Amazon after finding products elsewhere.

Plus, they don’t just find products – they find everything they need that they would otherwise need Google for, i.e product reviews, similar product suggestions, and all kinds of other products that you might be interested in.

In other words, they really don’t need another search engine in place of Amazon to find what they need or want to buy.

Neither do they feel the need to do a research elsewhere before making any purchasing decisions.

★ In fact, BigCommerce’s Global Omni-Channel Consumer Shopping Research Report says: When it comes to making a real purchase, people favour Amazon because of its convenience, pricing and ease of shipping.

See These Important Points To Ensure Visibility On Amazon:

Now if you have a product of your own to be sold online. Introducing it on Amazon and optimizing it for visibility should be a number one priority if you want fast sales results. Consider the following:

Relevance-Related Ranking Factors on Amazon:

Product Title:

Your product’s title should be such that it should be relevant to what customers are searching.

For Example: The top 4 product results on Amazon for the  search “machine oil” have both words written in the description i.e “machine” & “oil”. Hence your product description’s wording must rhyme with what users are searching on Amazon.

Amazon products


Amazon Backend Keywords:

These are the keywords that are used in your Amazon account’s backend section only. The purpose is to tell Amazon’s algorithm about which keywords are targeting what product listings.

From a typical Google SEO perspective, think of these keywords as the meta tags that tell Google what your webpage is about. This essentially helps the search engine to show your product to people searching in specific keyword terms.

Remember to not repeat any words, and avoid including too many variations of the same word.

Product’s Description and Bullet Points:

This is where you can tell your customers more about your products – in detail. Product description area is another asset where you put relevant keywords in order to stay on top of search results. For this, try your best to keep the copy readable and natural as this would resonate with your customers beyond the SEO you did via keywords.


SEO is here to stay with us, but the way we look at its best practices – are changing rapidly. The reason for sharing the above disrupting trends with you is to make SEO people more conscious about seriously implementing ways to modernize their SEO strategy.

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