Best Payment Gateways in Pakistan

Best Payment Gateways in Pakistan (2023) – The Ultimate Guide

Payment gateways in Pakistan are a significant impact regarding the country’s digitalization. Businesses aiming to sell their products or services online face the biggest challenge in finding the best payment gateways in Pakistan. Here we’ll dive deep into the finest (& various) options available in the market in different sectors, some of which you weren’t even aware existed. But first, let’s start with the fundamentals.

What is a Payment Gateway?

Payment gateways are the technologies sellers use to accept their customers’ debit/credit card payments. This not only refers to the card reading devices often found in brick & mortar stores but also points to the online systems making an entrance of consumer’s money in the seller’s pocket through the internet.

How does a payment gateway work

How Does a Payment Gateway Work?

Payment gateways, specifically online payment gateways, are front-end technologies that transfer the customer’s financial information to the merchant’s (seller) bank, where the transaction is made. Here’s a detailed look into how a payment gateway works with each step broken down.

How does a payment gateway workBingo, we now understand what a payment gateway is and how its system bridges a financial model between the buyer and the seller. The question now arises, what are some of the best payment gateways in Pakistan? Let’s find out by dividing the payment gateways available in Pakistan into different categories.

Best Payment Gateways in Pakistan – Banks

Thinking of transactions, money, and selling/buying, the first thing that comes to mind is banks. Even when powered through online technology, the transactional journey always ends at someone’s bank account. So let’s start with the banks providing online payment gateways in the country.

1. Habib Bank Limited

Habib Bank Pakistan, also known as HBL Pakistan, is a leading commercial bank in Pakistan with a whopping customer base of 27 million.

Setup Fee Recurring Fee per Year Transaction Fee Merchant Discount Rate Settlement Period
Rs. 40,000/- Rs. 40,000/- None 2.5% 14 Working Day


Pros Cons
Proven and renowned payment gateway The long session before the online card payment starts
Protects from fraudulent transactions Charges for internet payments are higher


While the primary objective of Habib Bank remains to prioritize growth in the unbanked population, it’s equally striving in online payment facilities. Regarding online payment gateways in Pakistan, Habib bank offers simple and easy transactional models, whether using a website, an eCommerce store, a mobile app, or social platforms like a Facebook shop.

2. United Bank Limited

Another big player in the Pakistani banking industry, United Bank Limited (UBL) has a customer base of 4 million.

Setup Fee Recurring Fee per Year Transaction Fee Merchant Discount Rate Settlement Period
Rs. 40,000/- Rs. 50,000/- None 3.5% 10 Business Days


Pros Cons
No transaction fee required You receive no SMS alerts via UBL Wiz card on shopping online
Comparatively, a shorter settlement period


UBL is considered one of the widest banking networks, with around 44,000 customer touchpoints and 1,400 branches nationwide. Considering the digital payment needs of a wide array of its customers, UBL launched the UBL Go Green Internet Merchant Acquiring Service, which aims to speed up the transactions for buyers and sellers across the country with the power of the internet.

3. Muslim Commercial Bank Limited

Muslim Commercial Bank Limited is renowned in the banking sector thanks to its sturdy brand image developed over the years.

Setup Fee Recurring Fee per Year Transaction Fee Merchant Discount Rate Settlement Period
Rs. 50,000/- Rs. 48,000/- Rs. 15/- 2.8% Not Specified


Pros Cons
Enhanced security and flexibility Not-so-good customer support
3D-Secure payer authentication  

With a massive customer base of 7 million and a strong network of 1550 branches across the country, MCB is one of the few dominant players in the Pakistani finance industry. With the integration of the internet, MCB presented its Internet banking program, which aims to empower the merchants to scale their sales using the internet with easy to use payment gateway they provide.


4. Alfalh Bank Limited

Another big player in the Pakistani banking industry is Alfalh Bank Limited.

Setup Fee Recurring Fee per Year Transaction Fee Merchant Discount Rate Settlement Period
Rs. 20,000/- Rs. 40,000/- None 2.5% 2 Business Days


Pros Cons
No transaction fee required Not-so-good customer support
7 Payment Facilitators onboarded, including JazzCash and Easypaisa
Multicurrency option
Easy to integrate

Bank Alfalh is considered the market leader in Pakistan for payment gateway.


Best Payment Gateways in Pakistan – Fin-Tech Companies

We’ve looked at some of the top names in the banking industry, which were making buying/selling easy through the internet. Those are traditional banks staying up to date and staying alive and not left out in the industry. Let’s now put an eye on some modern-day fin-tech companies (financial technology) built with the sole purpose of making transactions and finance easy.

1. Payoneer

Payoneer is a popular payment platform founded in 2005, which makes online money transfers easier and offers digital payment services for businesses, SMEs, corporates, and freelancers.

Function Focus Area
Cross-border payment platform Accept/send funds across borders as if they managed their simple bank accounts.


Pros Cons
Low transaction amount for a cross-border app Comparatively, a higher annual fee of $29.95
Funds can be transferred directly to your local bank International transfers must be a purchasing of a service

From freelancing platforms like Fiverr & Upwork to eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon & Shopee and finally, to big enterprises like Google & Airbnb, Payoneer has revolutionized the financial space massively.

Specifically in Pakistan, Payoneer is being used at a usage scale of PayPal in other countries.

    • Transfer Options: Online, Telephone
    • Withdrawal Options: Bank
  • Payment Options: Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card
  • Regular Payments: No

2. JazzCash

JazzCash is a mobile money-transferring service offered by a leading telecommunication company, Jazz in Pakistan.

Function Focus Area
Branchless Banking Solutions/Payment Gateway Let users send money to CNIC, bank account, or JazzCash mobile account in seconds.


Pros Cons
Quick money transfer is easy There is no Sign in option after installation
Easy to understand and simple flow of finance Fingerprint pin can be problematic sometimes
It can be integrated with your Payoneer account

In simple words, the JazzCash account is an actual bank account integrated with your mobile number, allowing you to transfer or receive money anywhere, anytime. Technically JazzCash isn’t a fin-tech company, but its goal is the same; providing freedom in financial services and transactions. One can send/receive money over the following data;

  • CNIC
  • Mobile account
  • Bank account

Other services JazzCash can be very useful in are;

  • Loan repayments
  • Online payments
  • Insurance
  • Saving plans

JazzCash has seen incredible growth over the years and currently has over 9 million monthly active users.

3. EasyPaisa

EasyPaisa was the first mobile banking service in Pakistan when it was first launched in 2009 by a well-known telecommunication company, Telenor.

Function Focus Area
Branchless banking service/payment gateway Allow users to send/receive money and transact for billing and management purposes.


Pros Cons
The Mobile app’s interface is quite a user friendly Occasional problems when correcting failed transactions
Low transaction charges for merchants. (2-3%)

As of 2023 EasyPaisa has around 7.4 million active users and is seeking more growth over the years.

In general, EasyPaisa provides the following financial services to users;

  • Business and salaries payments
  • Cash management
  • Supply chain payments
  • Online payment gateway

EasyPaisa has grown tremendously in the fin-tech space and has served the following companies with its solutions;

  • Uber
  • Ruba Digital
  • Seed Out
  • Daraz
  • Bykea
  • HumMart

When it comes to online payment gateways, EasyPaisa offers the following advantages;

  • Simple onboarding through a registration portal
  • No hassle of venting a corporate account
  • Easily accessible assistance for online integration

4. FonePay

FonePay is a modern-day fin-tech company and mobile application providing easy financial services to consumers.

Function Focus Area
Software House Wallet Manage your payments, loyalty, and rewards on a single platform


Pros Cons
Ease, security, and simplicity of the digital services The mobile application has some usability errors
Transact conveniently just by using the recipient’s mobile no.

Powered by Mastercard, FonePay is a digital lifestyle platform allowing you to pay anyone for anything anytime in just a few seconds. Using FonePAy, consumers can pay for any third-party tool or service. Here are some of these;

  • Google Play
  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • iTunes
  • Amazon

They’re integrated with around 45 banks and are directed towards making cashless transactions normal and popular. The service offers various loyalty rewards. You get discounts and better economical packages for sticking with them long.

5. Keenu Wallet

Keenu Wallet is another famous digital wallet and online payment gateway in Pakistan.

Function Focus Area
Digital Wallet Helps you make fast, secure, and rewarding payments


Pros Cons
Getting cashback on anything is no hassle Cashback can only be used via Keenu Wallet
Integration of developer-friendly plugins No discounts are offered

The emergence of Keenu Wallet is lessening the gap between retail stores and online payment options.

Keenu Wallet can be used in a variety of ways. Here are a few ways it helps;

  • Pay for anything through the app
  • Use special bar codes at the stores
  • Make transactions between each other
  • And you can purchase other services like; booking a bus, insurance, etc.

Once downloaded, setting up your account on the application is pretty simple as well. Here are the steps you have to go through;

  • Put your phone number & verify the code
  • Put your name along with your CNIC
  • Verify your ID; Keenu Wallet is compliant with SBP, so it’s necessary


Finding the best payment gateway in Pakistan can be tough, especially when so many options are available. However, making the right choice is critical as all your business transactions will be dealt with. As a digital agency integrating online payment gateways for our clients, our e-commerce development services have given us an idea of what an ideal payment gateway should possess. Although a specific choice depends on the nature of your business, your targeted location and audience, the product/service market needs, and hundreds of other factors, still we’ve found a few factors to consider before choosing your online payment gateway in Pakistan;

  • A simple payment flow
  • Look at the fees and service agreement
  • Check for the effectiveness of the transaction
  • Make sure the Checkout easy on all devices
  • Make sure the integration processes are simple

A free tip would be not to be overwhelmed with the options available. There is no perfect payment gateway in Pakistan. You have to pick one that aligns with your business goals nearest.