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10 Remarkable Examples of Mobile Apps for Business Management

We’re in a digital age and it requires everyone to be tech-savvy! Businesses are into a phenomenon to bring more value to them that is using “Mobile Apps.” That is why Mobile Apps for Business Management are going popular.

Enhanced productivity, increased revenue, and satisfactory results. You see this is how the relationship among businesses and consumers is modifying swiftly through efficacious Mobile Apps.

Interface of Mobile app for business management


Are you searching out to increase performance and management or trying to smooth out procedures for your business? Then a sophisticated business app is what you deserve right now.

You will find various options of business mobile apps and there is an option for custom mobile app development as well. Here we have assembled our 10 favorite apps for you and will go through each of them.

10 Remarkable Mobile Apps for Business Management

1. Trello

Trello - Mobile app for business management

Source: Trello 

Trello is perfect for you when you need to be more collaborative with your team. It follows a simple idea of working effectively for business management. You can be fully focused all over your tasks and can also rearrange them according to how you set your priorities.

Get to manage the employees while implementing complicated and bigger processes. It lets you create order in your work by organizing into cards’ lists. Task card gives you an overview of what jobs are to be done with discussions.

With Trello, everything is on track and you can easily get rid of:

Benefits of Trello as a Mobile app for business management

Key Features

It offers you

  • Sanity
  • Accountability
  • Organization
  • Cohesion
  • Visualization

Note: Available for Desktop, iOS and Android

2. Asana

Asana as a Mobile app for business management

Source: Asana

Asana is surely going to make you add it to your business management tool set. It has a slightly different approach and project management gets way more useful when it’s done with Asana.

Let your team be more organized and your tasks be more planned. It uses a customizable list format that can be set according to your choice. Asana keeps you aware of who is doing what and by what date by keeping the communication actionable and focused as well.

Asana - Mobile app for business management

Key Features

  • Image proofing
  • Project conversations
  • Task comments
  • Languages
  • Team pages
  • Status updates
  • Portfolios
  • Advanced search reports

Integrated with

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Slack
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Gmail
  • Outlook etc.

Note: Available for iOS, Android and Desktop

3. Evernote

Evernote - Mobile app for business management

Source: Evernote 

It is one of the most notable note-taking apps, with Microsoft’s OneNote and Google Keep assistance. With Evernote, you can use as not many or the same number of the propelled note the board apparatuses as you like.

An ideal app to keep wide content or notes all together for every business owner. It lets you add images from your device, maintain all links, upload PDF files, clip web URLs and record audio notes too.

You can search for your notes and photos within no time. Isn’t this wonderful?

Key Features

  • Cloud management
  • Optical character recognition
  • Multi-platform support
  • Organization and tagging

Note: Available for iOS and Android

4. Slack

Slack - Mobile app for business management

Source: Slack

Slack has an instant message platform to let you deliver messages within your team privately or on public channels. With slack, you can simply drag, drop also share PDFs, images or other files in the chat room.

A well-organized conversation in dedicated channels for you to find any specific information smoothly. You decide which conversations are essential. These channels allow you to work closely with people outside of your teams such as clients and company partners. No limitations on adding members.

Key Features:

  • Easy communication between teams
  • No confusions among team members
  • Targeted channel communications
  • Sharing screens
  • Holding meetings
  • Adding apps to workspace
  • Adding guests

Note: Available for iOS and Android

5. DocuSign

DocuSign - Mobile app for business management

Source: DocuSign

An electronic signature app that lets individuals to sign, send and get approvals, materials, and exchanges swiftly. It has now become the standard of electronic signatures and can be used anywhere.

DocuSign speeds up the process of approvals or workflows. You do not have to waste time on the paper contracts and emphasize on what’s necessary. Achieve your goals faster and increase your business productivity with the technology of digital signature.

Key Features

  • Agent role
  • Carbon copy
  • Dynamic forms
  • Email to signature
  • Advance correct
  • Biometric phone authentication
  • High level security
  • Data protection protocols

Note: Available for Android, iOS and Desktop

6. Unifyle

Unifyle - Mobile app for business management

Source: Unifyle

A virtual file management platform for businesses. It has cloud sharing functionality for users to be more efficient on more than one number of devices. It connects cloud and existing file shares for security, unified search and effortless management and editing of files.

Key Features

  • Manage, search, edit and share files from any device
  • Save back file to the same location after editing with native apps
  • Synchronize selected files
  • Unified search
  • Full reports on file sharing, usage and deletion

Note: Available for Android, iOS and Desktop

7. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive - Mobile app for business management

Source: Microsoft OneDrive

One of the most essential cloud sharing platforms ideal for businesses and other users. It allows sharing the files through synchronized folders. The files can be viewed or edited from any of the devices having OneDrive app.

Key Features

  • Free storage
  • Smooth organization
  • Collaboration with Microsoft Office
  • Social networks
  • Recovers lost files

Note: Available for Android, iOS and Desktop

8. Voice Text

Voice Text - Mobile app for business management

Source: Voice Text

For success, efficiency is crucial in businesses. Using an app that has capabilities of recording dictation is highly valuable. Voice Text app can turn your speech into an email or text that can be sent to anyone on various social networking apps. With this app, you do not have to use keyboards or waste time typing. Just keep your ideas organized, dictate out and get the message sent to anywhere you want. How smooth!

Key Features

  • Text can be sent to Facebook and Twitter
  • Clipboard can paste the text into any other app
  • Editing feature including a list of words
  • Speech recognition support for up to 23 languages
  • Faster than a keyboard
  • Automatic grammar correction

Note: Available for iOS

9. Freshbooks

Freshbooks - Mobile app for business management

Source: Freshbooks 

It allows you to invoice clients with monitoring time and running your small business practices in the cloud so you can access it from desktop or mobile phone. The billing process becomes so simple and convenient with FreshBooks.

Saves your time and also amazes your clients or partners with your professional manner of invoicing. Keep track of your spending and accounts on any of your devices. The Creation of invoices takes only a few seconds and you get paid faster with this striking mobile app.

Key Features

  • Accepts credit cards
  • Turns estimates into professional invoices
  • Organizing expenses
  • Tracking time
  • Important updates
  • Pictures of receipts
  • Client chats

Note: Available for Android and iOS

10. Salesforce

Salesforce - Mobile app for business management

Source: Salesforce

Salesforce mobile app is going to make your business processes much faster and easier. You can access all your apps and CRM data usefully. It lets you make decisions with Artificial Intelligence and take actions according to views and insights of your business.

It provides you all the necessary information that you need for informed decisions.  A complete app for the business owner to ensure that business sales are continuing and are profitable.

Key Features

  • Smart decisions with AI
  • Personalized navigation
  • Sharing and collaboration direct links to records
  • Transition from desktop to mobile phone
  • All custom salesforce in one place

Note: Available for Android and iOS

A survey shows how effectively mobile apps can boost the productivity of businesses.

Productivity boost from Mobile apps for businesses

Here’s a quick brief for you of all the 10 remarkable mobile apps for business management.

10 Mobile apps for business management