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With our competent digital marketing services, we escorted exploding sales results for Iron Gear making them jump over their competition even in the times of economic crisis of Covid19.


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Iron Gear Case Study

Iron Gear is fitness apparel & an accessories brand in Pakistan manufacturing and delivering fitness cloths all over the country. From starting in a small place in 2019 to becoming one of the most prominently growing fitness apparel brand in the country, Iron Gear have accomplished wonders.

Iron Gear comes with a passion of manufacturing clothing products which are not only comfortable & restful but also effective in enhancing performance & making exercise enjoyable.

Acknowledging their quality of products, our team at Buzz Interactive understood that all they need is the reach to their customer. Hence we formulated the most epic marketing strategy to help them get close to their customers online and overall scale their growth.

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The Problem

Iron Gear team had some past experiences of promoting their brand through social media. However, they were unable to attain satisfactory results. First of all their brand wasn’t as strongly portrayed on social media as they wanted. Since they were performing in a competitive landscape, they weren’t able to make a sturdy impact in the market.

Iron Gear lacked advance targeting and had no vigorous Ad-recall as a part of their campaign. This meant overall the return on their ad-spent was quite low. Which in turn lead their campaigns neither to be competent, nor profitable.

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No SM Presence

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No Ad-Recall

Target Audience

No Advance Targeting

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Low Return On Ad Spent

The Action Plan

Taking the expertise of our team in the realm of digital marketing, we planned a vigorous campaign for Iron Gear with the objective of strengthening their brand online along with procuring the maximum sales on the apparel products.

Analyzing patterns in their competitors, performing an extensive market research and understanding their consumer’s interests, we headed towards social media as our primarily targeted domain.

Being aware of the competitive fitness market we started with an aggressive approach. From creating appealing & brand centric product designs to innovative & advance social media targeting techniques we narrowed our reach down to our ideal customers.

Running progressive social media ads we aimed to drive tons of relevant traffic to their website product & category pages & also retargeting those users back on social media with our pixel data to accumulate conversions.

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Create Dynamic Ads

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Establish Brand Identity

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Increase Sales With Pixel Data

Work We Did

Social Media Road Map
Social Media Road Map


Social Media Designs

Since social media was our focus in our marketing actions for Iron Gear, designing visually appealing & brand centric product designs was also a crucial part. With our proficient design services we outlined and formulated many optically attractive designs, both for the sponsored ads & organic posts.

Each of the design was centered towards the apparel products being offered. The concept was to design something that implores the user to stop scrolling the feed & take a concentrated look on the post while they’re on any social channel.

With the optimum mixture of colors, rightly chosen themes & well formulated layouts our design team architected the most epic social media designs for Iron Gear which totally out performed all their major competitors in user-engagement.

Iron Gear Instagram Page
Iron Gear Posts

Advanced Targeting

Improve Pixel Data

When it comes to social media advertisement Iron Gear had many past experiences, however none could bring real sales. Irrespective of how many people they reach, their boosted social media posts would hardly bring any engagement, let alone conversions.

With our comprehensive social media marketing Iron Gear was able to target their consumers with relevant interests & corresponding demographics effectively. A step forward, we tracked their website visitors with Facebook Pixel installation & re-targeted them back on Facebook with other ad-sets we had developed.

As a result they were able to chase & thus capture every potential customer which had visited their website at least once. Their conversion rate boosted more than 200% and we noticed a prominent jump in their sales revenue.

Gold brick

Advanced Targeting

Enhanced Customer Journey

The social media team at Buzz Interactive also enhanced the customer’s journey for Iron Gear passing them through a well-structured funnel. Each part of the funnel had different objective while the prime objective was to drive sales at the end.

The process required the company to build a relationship with the customers being targeted through ads. From awareness to consideration and finally to decision, our funnel set-up was entirely effective with no uncertain areas.

Iron Gear Campaign Stats

Performance Marketing

Social Media Posts

Along with paid media, we were also actively pushing social media posts. Although the organic traffic in this scenario doesn’t move the needle, it still keeps the consumers & online followers of the brand intact.

Our designers were putting effort to portray creativeness along with the brand’s image in the designs. On the other hand the social media team aligned the users with eye catchy captions & trending hash tags. Overall it made the brand to strengthen itself in the consumer’s eyes and attain a firm stand in the market.

Iron Gear Portfolio

Performance Marketing

Improve ROAS

Controlling the cost of the ads with respect to the expected return & making their campaign profitable was the biggest challenge for Iron Gear before we stepped in. With our seasoned PPC services Iron Gear got results exponential to what they expected.

We were able to drive them 8 times the return on ad-spent (8X ROAS) by uplifting their sales to another level. A point worth mentioning here is that our team drove such incredible results even when the fitness industry was completely shut down due to the COVID19 and an economic crisis was on the door.

Sales Maximization

The central goal of our digital marketing campaign for Iron Gear was to drive conversions and make the audience to actually purchase the products. We did so with user-centric targeting, solid call-to-actions and retargeting through an entire structure of ad-sets on multiple social media platforms including Facebook & Instagram.

With a budget of 137k PKR we flourished the campaign with impressive figures and soon their sales were sky-rocketing. Results spoke for themselves at the end of 50 days.

Revenue Stats

The Result

With our targeted digital marketing efforts we raised Iron Gear as dominant fitness apparel and an indestructible athletic brand with a firm position in a competitive market. Not only that; calling Buzz Interactive in as their marketing partner, made them grow their product’s sales putting their business on the trail of scalability for the future.

Talking about numbers our team was able to attain revenue of 1.2 million PKR in a span of 50 days that too in a time of economic crisis of COVID-19; when most of their targeted consumers were inactive. Taking their marketing budget into account they gained 8X return on ad-spent.


1.2 million PKR of revenue


8X Return on Ad-Spent


1098 Purchases of products


22K Average daily sale

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