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With our proficient & expert website developers we lead Diamond Foam from a set of dull, boring and obscure webpages to a full-fledged vigorous & captivating website with clear structural uniformity, subtle design and a graceful brand representation.


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Attacks Blocked

Diamond Foam Case Study

Diamond foam has always been known as a leader in the Pakistani bedding industry. Everything from Furniture, Mattresses, Recliners and Pillows, they’ve manifested the finest spirit and passion of craftsmanship. Taking the start from 1974, they’ve emerged as an authoritative brand in the bedding and furniture ecosystem with quality pouring out of their well-finished products.

They claim to have invested all their time, energy & resources in effective production methods, world class research and exceptional level development to achieve an unmatchable quality in their products which not only bring comfort and sophistication but also become an absorber of their consumer’s restlessness and apprehension.

With their passion towards customer satisfaction Diamond foam developed a loyal customer base that trusted it as the only bedding brand. However Diamond foam wanted their online representation to be as credible as their brand’s image; thus our team engaged in.

The Problem

No doubt Diamond foam built a transparent brand that connected with the consumer really well. However, the same level of strength and genuineness couldn’t be perceived on their official website.

Diamond foam’s website would displease the visitor in the very first impression, in terms of technical aspects like loading speed, visual aspects like design and UX aspects like structural symmetry and most important of all characteristic aspects like brand alignment and brand positioning.

Apart from these primary problems there were secondary obstacles. For example; their website wasn’t prominently visible in search engines like Google, therefore losing vast majority of website traffic and sales.

Other than that, their website’s security was a big concern. The probability of cyber hacks for a brand is as high as its recognition. Thus acknowledging the public acceptance and popularity of Diamond foam, their website’s security from cyber threats was a serious disconcert.

The Problem Icon

No Brand Centric Website

The Problem Icon

No Search Engine’s Visibility

The Problem Icon

No Web Security Assurances

The Problem Icon

Inferior User-Experience

The Action Plan

Understanding the client’s requirement, keeping the aim of tackling all problems concurrently, and analyzing the market’s best practices our design & development team with their profound knowledge and expertise put up a constructive and effectual action plan for Diamond foam website re-design and development.

The starting point was their website’s design which was to be aligned and well-connected to their brand. Afterwards the development task was planned, which was to be carried out in a uniform constructive manner.

Post doing the main work other stumbling blocks like, SEO & website’s security, were to be moved responsibly. For search engine optimization our SEO team shook hands with the development team to support & supervise the project under the finest and most effective SEO execution.

Finally our quality assurance team facilitated the final overview, performed extensive security check ups and recommended amendments and adjustments.

The Action Plan

Create Dynamic Ads

The Action Plan Icon

Establish Brand Identity

The Action Plan

Increase Sales With Pixel Data

Work We Did



The previous website design was showcasing a poor user-experience and metrics like a higher bounce rate and short user session duration on the website were clear indicators of the un-engaged user behavior. The broad objective we chased was to create a sturdy link between the visitors and the website.

The main challenge our team had to overcome aim with the website’s design was to add creativity and visual appeal while equally sustaining the sophistication and delicacy of their brand’s identity.

Starting out, our design team evaluated the ideal brand positioning for Diamond foam to understand the philosophy that is to be reflected on their website visually. With a mix-up of creative thinking and extensive research our designers put forward an elegant website design with cleanliness and simplicity as indirect connectors to “comfort”.

Branded Design Right Image
Portfolio Image
Portfolio Center


Design Implementation

Following the routes provided by the design of the design team, our proficient developers engaged themselves in to develop a sturdy version of Diamond foam’s website. With a detailed overviewing look, our team ensured that from broad layout changes to the smallest elements alignment, everything gets in the perfect shape.

Structure wise the website was made to be highly symmetrical, uniform and in pitch-perfect orientation. Blending the market’s most trending technological stacks with our inventive tactics and development processes we transformed their website in the finest look.

Website Development Image

CMS Migration

A Content management system (CMS) is significant for non-technical organizations to handle their website systematically for their day-to-day operations. However choosing a CMS isn’t their strong suite often. A similar problem was noticed in Diamond foam’s case.

Taking into account the requirements Diamond foam had, the load it was bearing and the level of simplicity they desired at the backend our team suggested migrating their website from their current CMS to WordPress. The plugins rich backend of WordPress made the technical complexity binary for the team of Diamond foam.

Migrating CMS our team took deep care of every potential technical error such as keeping old URL structure, keeping same approach for sitemaps and robots.txt file etc. Thus the migration ran smooth and soft.

CMS Migration icon 1

6000+ Pages Migrated

CMS Migration

301 Redirects Implementation

CMS Migration icon

Search Engine Indexing Evaluation

Cyber Security

A brand is as open to threats and attacks on the internet as popular it is. Being a leading mattress brand in Pakistan, Diamond foam was witnessing many hack attacks on their website yet they had no sturdy website security system to tackle that.

TOur development team ensured that the final version of the website being delivered is as secure as attractive and responsive.

Brute Force Attack Prevention

Brute force attacks were one of the most common attacks to witness on Diamond foam’s website. In simple words, brute attack means trying every key on the ring to eventually finding the right key. Since Diamond foam was popular, the number of attacks its website went through each day were hundreds.

Our skillful developers putting their unmatchable expertise and top-notch knowledge together made the Diamond Foam website 100% secured from all of those brute force attacks.

Integrating their manually developed systems with market’s finest software’s and custom codes our development team obstructed a total of 330 attacks carried out on the website anytime.

Attack Prevention

330 Attacks Blocked

Attack Prevention 2

102GB Bytes Saved

Attack Prevention

48 Malicious IP Adresses Blocked

Fake Traffic Analysis and Blocking

Fake traffic is one of the most menacing things for a business website, in two primary ways. First off, it misleads website’s analytical data which indirectly conducts incorrect campaigns and misinterpreted results. Secondly, it can also lead to Google’s penalization which will block the rankings from search engines along with all organic traffic being received.

Blocking the fake traffic from the website was a crucial step for the team. Thus we analyzed the sources of all the fake/spam traffic coming to the website and congested it’s enchantment on the website with Firewall blocking.

Primarily around 10.33K of fake traffic coming from US and 66 fake visitors coming from China was blocked. This practice also lessened the load on the server side and thus assisted in improving the performance of the website overall.

Traffic Image

Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research

Being a performance driven marketing agency we aim, not just to develop a great website for your business, but to ensure that it’s visible to the right audience as well. For Diamond foam respective teams joined hands to optimize their website as a complimentary service for better search engine visibility.

Starting from Keyword’s research, our team put forth the best techniques and tactics to dugout the real business driving keywords for Diamond Foam. Having the access to popular premium tools of the market, our SEO specialists were able to form a list of keywords based on their search volume and competition in the SERP’s.

Apart from search volume and competition behind a keyword, another factor we consider is the user’s search intent behind a keyword. Classifying the keywords in categories like, informational, navigational and transactional we were able to target a set of keywords that brought online sales to Diamond foam.

Keyword Research Volume

Rich Queries

Keyword Research

Intent Matching

Keyword Research

Competition Analysis

On-Page Optimization

Post collecting data on keywords, our team moved towards implementing the best on-page practices to optimize their website up to the standards set by Google and other major search engines. With our well formulated checklist our team leaves no corner of your website un-optimized.

Starting from running an in-depth audit on the website we look for every area that can be improved. First off technical aspects like, crawl-ability, website loading speed, keyword cannibalization, broken links etc. are reviewed.

With just these basic keyword research and on-page optimizations done well, we were able to rank Diamond foam’s website on many valuable keywords like “Mattresses in Pakistan” up to the 2nd position in Google.

SERP Ranking

Overall the SEO efforts picked up the search performance of Diamond Foam’s website boosting their monthly search impressions from 73K to 183K and their search clicks from 9.94K to 27.6K.

Traffic Stats

182K Ads

27.6K Clicks

15.2% AVG

10.8% Average Position

The Result

With our targeted digital marketing efforts we raised Iron Gear as dominant fitness apparel and an indestructible athletic brand with a firm position in a competitive market. Not only that; calling Buzz Interactive in as their marketing partner, made them grow their product’s sales putting their business on the trail of scalability for the future.

Talking about numbers our team was able to attain revenue of 1.2 million PKR in a span of 50 days that too in a time of economic crisis of COVID-19; when most of their targeted consumers were inactive. Taking their marketing budget into account they gained 8X return on ad-spent.


27K Monthly Organic Clicks


171K Monthly Organic Impressions


Average position moved from 11.2 to 6.7


330 Malicious Requests/Attacks Blocked

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