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Content Recipe: Ingredients for a Great Content

Content marketing, one of the components of digital marketing services, is a great driver to boost your website’s rank on search engine result pages (SERPs) and enables your website to appear on the top lists on the search engines. A content may not provide benefit to your business if pertinent keywords are not used, and a SEO strategy is not applied; without these two implications all your time, energy and resources will be a waste.

The two strategies mentioned above only come into effect if you have written quality content that the visitors can rely on and comes in compliance with the questions the users are searching for.

Even the best digital marketing agencies have stated that the content is becoming immensely important tool for online marketing and boosting the website’s rank.

Here we will talk about the ingredients that have been proved to provide a delicious content strategy, boosting your search engine optimization (SEO), traffic/leads, brand image, conversion rate, and brand recognition.


7 Ingredients for a Successful Content Development


1. Original Content Creates Online Standing


Whenever you are writing for a blog post or your own personal website, make sure that the content comes solely from you and does not represent someone else’s point of view or being a copy version of the content someone else has published on the internet.

When a content writer presents his/her own reasoning’s and discussions, visitors appreciate it because they don’t clearly want to see the same content thronged on the internet whenever they make a search. Avoid using other’s content and publishing it as your own because it will not result in high traffic to your site, and will distort the future terms with your customers and potential leads.

Creating original content works as a shelter from search engine’s punishment, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Are you confused? It is simple, Google strictly punishes websites with duplicate content by penalizing them. Also, an original content is thus indexed by Google and other search engines and given more exposure on the result pages as compared to plagiarized content.

2. Content Should be Authentic and Reliable


As we have mentioned above that the content created should be original but along with that it should also provide accurate information to the visitors and be authentic. Any statistic mentioned should be “real” and not something just made by your imagination because that will have an impact on your reputation and consequently worsen your brand’s image.

Presenting original content with no relevant information will not generate leads to your website and thus not be looked at as a reliable source. Content written by you should be in compliance with the users’ intent as well. When you write a content be sure that it should give answers to what the users might be looking for.

A content that includes admirable information and dependable statistics will help in creating high quality inbound links as other content writers may include your website’s link in their content; boosting your ranking on SERPs.

3. Give Emphasis to Your Headlines


Headlines works as a key driver in generating high traffic to your website as it is the first part that is looked at before the whole content is scrolled and read, therefore make sure you create an appealing headline that actually attracts the users and perceive in their mind that the content available is what they are looking for.

Keep in mind that you must create a content that actually provides the information in accordance with the headline you have created otherwise your image will be damaged and the future contents published by you will not generate traffic as visitors might see your headline merely as a clickbait tactic.

4. Write Precise and Well-Structured Content


Users don’t like to read a wall of text therefore write a content that has proper headings, subheadings, bullets etc. Moreover, paragraphing is important as it keeps the interest of users and allows them to read the whole content that has been posted. It also makes it possible to grab attention of users on the important points you have stated relative to if it was written in a continuous form.

Users surfing on the internet look for content that is precise while containing all relevant information so that they are able to skim through the details and absorb the information quickly. Content writing is not merely about word count, but it is about how well you can write while keeping it brief.

5. Add Infographics, Videos and Images


A content that is well structured, contains relevant information and details and all the statistics stated are accurate, but is this all that is needed to engage the audience? The answer is no, because images, videos and infographics makes the content look more polished and keeps your audience engaged.

Let’s assume that you are writing a content for your product, adding videos for instance, how your product is manufactured, or what is the best way to use it etc. will generate more leads and make your content much more appealing in the eyes of the audience. This may also help in boosting your conversion rate due to visitors having more in-depth knowledge about your product.

Note that: Images or other visual contents used should add value otherwise it will distort your content’s status.

6. Regularly Update Your Content


Updating your content frequently will not only work as a way to get more leads/traffic but it will also help in maintaining your ranking on search engines because different search engines favor websites that have their contents regularly updated. Furthermore, user engagement will rise because they want new content more frequently, and regular updates will also grab attention of new users improving the website’s traffic and ranking.

7. Content Should be Applied in Real Life Situation


Content should not only add to the users’ knowledge but should also help them to use your content as a way to deal with their problems. Users look for contents that are integrated with real life situations and provides a solution for certain problems.

A great content is thus something that adds value to the users’ life and provides them with an advice and enables them to find the most efficient way in using the material they are looking for. This will keep your audience engaged, increasing the dwell time; amount of time a visitor spends on your website, and improve your SEO.