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Clutch Distinguishes Buzz Interactive as Standout Digital Marketing Agency

Buzz Interactive – a top-tier digital marketing agency based in Pakistan specializes in digital strategy, social media marketing and advanced web development. Established in 2016, team Buzz Interactive has strives day and night towards achieving a considerable success-rate in ensuring client satisfaction through delivery of result-based services. Achievement of consistent results and happy client feedback in such short-span of time is the key reason why Clutch ranks Buzz Interactive as a standout digital marketing agency.

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Clutch is an independent B2B ratings and reviews platform/service that ranks businesses by following an extensive research methodology. The team at Clutch conducts a series of in-depth interviews with verified clients to assess the quality of an agency’s services as well as their ability to deliver. Based on the data gathered, the service formulates a fair rating of all the firms. This tough criterion for ranking among the country’s top-quality agencies

was successfully passed by Buzz Interactive. As one of Buzz’s old clients testified to the Clutch team:

“Buzz Interactive is highly professional and transparent.,They’re a comfortable team to collaborate with and they understand goals deeply.”


Buzz Interactive has also been listed on The Manifest’s Directory as one of the top 10 web development companies in Pakistan. A sister site of Clutch, The Manifest provides business news and how-to guides to help firms grow.


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The team at Buzz Interactive appreciates this award as it affirms the success of our efforts. We would like to thank our clients, who have contributed to our industry leadership by sharing their feedback with Clutch.

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This post was written by The Clutch Awards Team