Everything You Need To Know About Building an Application Like Foodpanda

Building an Application Like Foodpanda

Our world has become a technological hub where people can access everything while sitting on their couches. The global market for online food delivery has grown exponentially, particularly due to the COVID-19 pandemic and how it took the world by storm.Food delivery apps have revolutionized how people shop for groceries and order their favorite foods and cuisines, all from the comfort of their homes. These apps have thrived, even during times when economies were collapsing, as they catered to people’s needs for convenience and safety. If you’re wondering how to create a food delivery app, search no further! We’re here to provide you with all the information you need to know while building an app like foodpanda.


The framework of order and delivery apps 

Order and delivery apps, like Foodpanda, work by seamlessly integrating their processes – connecting restaurants and consumers while acting as a medium of communication among them. The app connects local restaurants with the users and enables them to order their favorite food in just a few clicks. Such a platform is a blessing for food startups, small restaurants, and home-based eateries that are difficult to develop their delivery channels due to the low budget.

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Building an Application Like Foodpanda


The Procedure of Order and Delivery Apps

The online food delivery process completes its cycle in the following manner:

  • The user selects a payment method, which can be cash-on-delivery or through a card. Additionally, the user is charged delivery fees that vary depending on the distance.
  • The particular restaurant receives the order and prepares the food.
  • The app arranges the delivery by informing its nearby riders.
  • The order is then picked up by the rider when it is prepared.
  • The order is delivered to the customer.
  • The user pays for the order if he/she has selected the cash-on-delivery mode.

The app charges the restaurant 20-30% of each order amount in exchange for providing a platform for delivery to them.

Why go for building an application like foodpanda in the first place?

Building an Application Like Foodpanda

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  • The market is increasing tremendously for online food delivery services.
  • It helps widen the customer base by reaching out to a larger audience.
  • Food delivery apps manifest convenience and ease to users by ordering food with just a few clicks on their devices.
  • Acting as a medium means the more orders, the higher the platform’s revenues and Return on Investment.


Monetization Techniques for Apps such as Foodpanda

You will be spending your finances on building an application like foodpanda. But you must be curious to know how you will earn it back. This section will reveal some techniques through which food delivery apps earn money.

  • Delivery fee

We know now that food delivery apps earn through providing services to eateries and users. Delivery charges are charged to the customers depending upon the distance the riders carry from the eatery’s location to the user’s location.

  • Advertisements placed on the application

Restaurants can do paid advertisements to appear at the top of search results, reaching a larger audience and generating revenue for the app.

  • A commission is charged to the eateries.

Before selling their services on the app, the restaurants agree to pay a commission of 20-30%. The platform earns through facilitating the restaurants in terms of their delivery services and making money on each transaction by the user.

  • Peak hour or busy area extra charges

Apps can also generate revenue by charging extra during peak hours, such as lunch and dinner time, and by including specific locations that are far from the designated eatery on the list. A food delivery app that works on such a model is Uber Eats.

  • Email marketing campaigns

As the users log in to the app with their email and/or contact number, the app gets their information and can use it to enhance their email marketing campaigns. This will eventually lead to escalating sales and commission for the app.

Essential features that are crucial to the success of your food delivery app

To create a successful food delivery app, you must include several essential features that engage the audience and provide a fast and hassle-free experience.In this comprehensive blog, we will educate you on all the necessary steps when building an app like foodpanda. that instantly clicks with your audience.

  • Intuitive and responsive user interface

The first impression that will impact your audience is a user-friendly interface that will guarantee ease, convenience, and an optimum level of efficiency for them. When they can navigate the app effortlessly, they will want to return to the app and become loyal users. The app’s responsiveness is a must-have feature to cater perfectly to the audience.

  • Sign-up and Registration

The first step is to provide a sign-up feature on the app that allows the user to make an account and set up his/her profile, giving out all the necessary details and contact information. The registration process must be quick and convenient to avoid disappointment and annoyance among the users.

Building an Application Like Foodpanda


  • Search bar and Favourites

A search option is mandatory for the food delivery app, allowing users to write and search regarding their favorite cuisine and eatery. This will save them from the hassle of finding what they want out of all the listed options, and they can choose instantly by applying various filters. A favorites option should also be present so they can place their favorite items for ordering later.

Building an Application Like Foodpanda


  • Placing orders, Tracking, and Payment System

Additionally, having multiple payment options available for users to choose from is important for convenience. Common modes of payment such as card, cash on delivery, and payment through other apps must be present in the app. This will help ensure that users have a smooth and seamless experience while placing an order. The payment feature should offer multiple options, allowing users to choose the most convenient payment mode. Common payment modes include cards, cash on delivery, and paying through other apps. It should be included in the app.

Building an Application Like Foodpanda


  • Integration with Social Media and Push Notifications

To promote the app and enhance user experience. Integrating users’ social media accounts with the app and encouraging them to post reviews about their experience can be a part of the app’s promotional strategies. Moreover, the app’s marketing and social media team can work on promoting the app and improving the user experience. Push notifications are also a great way to connect with the audience. And retain them by sending notifications about their order details. We can keep users engaged with the app. by ongoing deals or promotions and personalized messages that cater to their tastes.


Building an Application Like Foodpanda


  • Ratings, Reviews, Vouchers and Discounts

Ratings, reviews, vouchers, and discounts are a great way to engage users and evoke them to order again. You and the restaurants can receive feedback on the orders by providing ratings and reviews. Moreover, occasional vouchers and discounts can be offered to retain customers and encourage them to keep reordering.

Building an Application Like Foodpanda


Our Expertise in the Best Technology Stack for Food Delivery Apps

So far, we have discussed the ideal features and functionality of the app.

Now, let’s discuss the complex things of building an application like foodpanda. Our agile team uses certain combinations of technologies to create and run the apps perfectly. Specifically, the programming language and front-end and back-end development procedures are vital in creating the best food delivery app. That’s where Buzz Interactive steps in.

Our developers and designers create world-class hybrid apps using React Native technology, catering to multiple operating systems with cross-platform applications. Additionally, our experts use cutting-edge technology to develop impeccable solutions by conducting rigorous research and meticulously developing the best UI/UX on a great budget. As a result, we have partnered with many happy and satisfied clients in building an application like foodpanda. Therefore, you have come to the right place to get top-notch quality at an affordable cost.

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