Best Front End Development Languages in 2020

10 Best Front End Development Languages To Develop Your Website

Are you a web developer working on a collection of client websites, or perhaps you are creating a new bespoke e-commerce arts and craft store. Regardless of your position, when it comes to developing high quality, well-created website, your front end development language can play a large part. 

When it comes to finding the best front end development language for your website, choosing which of the different languages to choose can seem rather bewildering.

This is where we can help. Here to educate you on what are front end languages (for newbies) to the best front end development languages for you to choose from. Keep reading to discover your options and the things to be aware of when adding these languages to develop your site. 

What Are Front End Development Languages? 

For those taking their first steps in software development services, or experienced web developers looking to choose between the best front end development language, let us give you a refresher and re-educate you on what are front end languages.

Front end languages are a programming language used by developers on the front end of a site. This ‘front end’ is the external end of the site seen by the visitor. With different languages used front end, the web developer’s role would be able to create a theme in line with a set style of the site. These languages are installed so that the site can show the required material as intended to passing visitors. 

How do front end and back languages differ? While front end languages are used to program the front end of the site, back end languages are used to program and create the backend of the site. This includes the fundamental parts including the security, functionality, and performance of the site. 

Best Front End Development Languages in 2020: 

When it comes to developing and creating the front end of your website or software, here are some of the recommended best front end development languages for you to choose from and their benefits. 

1- JavaScript

Perhaps one of the most important and popular of front end development languages, and that is JavaScript. 

When it comes to front end development, it is near impossible to work on a site that does not run without using JavaScript. One of the most popular languages, the benefits of this software is due to its ability to create dynamic and responsive web pages. Not only are interactive web pages fantastic for user experience, but this useful addition can also play dividends when it comes to paid advertising.

With sites all around the world running JavaScript, from YouTube to Facebook you can find evidence of JavaScript without having to look too far. 

If you are a beginner about to take their first steps in front end development, we recommend using JavaScript. This is thanks to its forgiving and flexible nature.


  • Speed
  • Simplicity
  • Extended Functionality 


  • Browser Support
  • Lack of Facility for Debugging
  • Slow Bitwise Function 

Famous websites

  • eBay
  • Wikipedia

Ebay and Wikipedia example of websites developed with Javascript

2- CSS

Another popular programming language and staple addition to the front development of your website is CSS. Short for Cascading Style Sheets, when programmed into the running of your site, CSS can describe how the HTML elements on the site are displayed and presented onto the screen. 

Controlling and presenting the page as intended by the developer the inclusion of CSS can save and reduce the amount of work. This can be done by controlling the layout of multiple web pages all at one time. 

Super simple not just to add, but also to code, without this addition you will be unable to personalize and style web pages. CSS can alter the appearance of colors, spacing, and fonts to the appearance of a web page. Embed images and video, as well as other media, and the addition of headlines and paragraphs. Without CSS the aesthetic choices on hand to personalize your website would be limited. 

To implement CSS to the front end of your site, you are fortunate and require little more than a text editor. With many different sites available and programs to help you write this language, finding software for you should be a piece of cake. 


  • Speed
  • Easy to Use
  • Multiple Browser Support


  • Vulnerability 
  • Difficulty for Beginners
  • Cross Browser Difficulties 

Famous websites

  • Angry Birds
  • Your Plan Your Planet

Your Plan Your Planet & Angry Birds: Example of websites developed with CSS

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A standard feature at the front end of a website, when it comes to the best front end development language, you should look no further than the inclusion of HTML. 

HTML is short for Hyper Text Markup Language and is a standard markup language added when creating web pages for your site. This language is the structure of the page and will consist of a series of different elements to show the intended structure of the page. Without this element with the structure, the browser would be unsure and unable to display the content correctly. An example of HTML would be <H>10 Best Front End Development Languages To Develop Your Website </H>. This tells the browser that the text is the title and to present it as such. 

A basic front end development language, HTML should be viewed as a building block when it comes to the creation of web pages. Along with the creation of content and layout of the page, HTML tags can also be used to add visuals onto a page for the benefit of the viewer. 


  • Simple to Use
  • Ability to Integrate with other languages
  • Multiple Browser Support


  • Requires a lot of code
  • Security Features
  • Static Pages

Famous websites

  • Fizz
  • Four Hundred Years

Four hundred years & Fizz: Example of websites developed with HTML

4 – React 

Another best front end development language to consider and that is React. For those not yet familiar with React, this development language is a Javascript library created by Facebook. A user interface library, React is ideal for those wanting to build UI components onto a web page. 

Allowing users to create dynamic pages, sites that are built using React are typically faster and can switch between different elements smoothly and swiftly. 

If the user experience is at the top of your priority list, then consider React through the user friendly elements and the speed and functionality of the pages. Simple to use, React is also compatible with most back end setups. The design layout of the page can be split into separate elements and components with a piece of code that represents a unique part of the page. This can allow you the web designer to edit and design separate parts separately with ease. 


  • Simple to Use
  • Time consuming
  • Open source to Community


  • SEO Difficulty
  • Slow Language Development
  • JSX Barrier

Famous websites

  • Asana
  • Airbnb

Asana & Airbnb: Example of websites developed with React

5 – AngularJS

Another front end development language, this time created by Google and that is AngularJS. A more challenging and complex front end development language in comparison to others, there are benefits to this recommended front end development language.

Offering a practical and scalable application, AngularJS combines functionality and the ability to create visually attractive web designs. This scalability that the Angular offers its web developers is one of its most popular features and one that has seen it rise in popularity. 

With its complexity overlooked due to its benefits, AngularJS also comes with a handful of ready to install extensions that can simplify and speed up the development process. 


  • Server Performance
  • Plain HTML Templates
  • Fast Application Prototyping 


  • Mandatory Javascript
  • Difficult to Learn
  • Slow Rendering of Pages

Famous websites

  • UpWork
  • Netflix

Upwork and Netflix: Example of websites developed with Angular JS

6 – Vue.js

Are you looking for a simple and easy to use best front end development language? If this sounds like you, then look no further than Vue,js. Promising smooth and engaging web pages and single-page web applications, there is little that Vue.js cannot offer.

This best front end development language offers adaptable and fast solutions for small to mid-range websites.

Creating and simplifying the development of websites, this development language is favored by web developers looking for an affordable, budget-friendly price. Not just approachable due to its cost, Vue.js is even great for beginners working in front end development.

This is due to its simplicity and ability to be picked up and mastered in a short space of time. To use Vue.js, all you really require is a basic understanding of coding and HTML.


  • Reactivity 
  • Javascript Flexibility 
  • TypeScript Support


  • Limited Plugins 
  • Fast Evolution 
  • Experiences Difficulties with Safari and iOS

Famous websites

  • GitLab
  • Behance

Github and Behance: Example of websites developed with Vue.js

7 –  Elm

One of the youngest of best front end development languages and that is Elm. Working with JavasScript, if you are a front end developer looking to create a fast site with minimal running errors, then look no further than Elm.

With the architecture taken from Redux, Elm allows users to create client-facing websites without the negatives quirks witnessed with HTML and CSS. 

Functional, robust, and practicable, whether you are creating websites or web apps, Elm allows you to create with the use of quality and simple tooling.


  • Easy to Understand
  • Fast Rendering 
  • Progressive Web Apps


  • Lack of Documentation  
  • JSON decoders and encoders 
  • Requires a lot of Code

Famous websites

  • Elmify
  • UNLI Reverse Flight Search

Elm and UNLI Reverse Flight Search: website developed with Elm

8- TypeScript

Another front end development language to be used in conjunction with JavaScript and that is TypeScript. Offering the ability to add additional types to the JavaScript support tools for applications within a range of different browsers.

Similar in usability as JavaScript, when it comes to TypeScript, expect readable and a familiar layout. Created by Microsoft, this best front end development language is object oriented for more crafted and specific web pages. 

Although similar to JavaScript, a benefit of TypeScript and that is its ability to simplify coding, while debugging code for more productivity. Easier to read and understand, this front end development language is recommended to beginners looking to begin their front end development journey. 


  • Does not Require a Runtime Plugin
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Simple to Use


  • Difficult to Edit with CMS
  • Short Update Cycles
  • Requires Development Tooling 

Famous websites

  • Sky
  • Wix

Wix and Sky: Example of websites developed with TypeScript

9- JQuery

A once-popular and favorite front end development language, the popularity of JQuery is slowly diminishing. JQuery is a JavaScript library that allows users to write less coding and create sleeker sites. With a unique ability to simplify programming, this front end development language is easy to learn and recommended for beginners in the industry. 

There was a stage that JQuery was favored above JavaScript, this was due to its ease and user-friendliness. Making it an easier and more friendly alternative.  As well as being expendable.

With plugins available for a range of different tasks, this front end development language can allow users to program and create software in a simple one line of coding. What could be better?!


  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Simplicity 
  • Fast page Speed


  • Huge Library to Import 
  • Different versions of JQuery available
  • Not supported on all browsers

Famous websites

  • Microsoft
  • Zoom

Microsoft and Zoom: Example of websites developed in JQuery

10 – SASS 

Our final and equally popular front end development language and that is SASS. SASS is short for Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets and is a scripting language similar to CSS. With its own unique traits, SASS offers users the benefits of variables, nestles rules, mixins, and other features for a smoother front end experience. 

Able to be used by most operating systems, whether you are using Mac, Windows, or even Linux, you will be pleased to note, that SASS is compatible. 

What has made this front end development language the first choice for many web developers and that is the speed and complicity that it offers. By creating style sheets to make the development process quicker, the site equally becomes easier to maintain. 

At first, an intimidating system, once you gain experience and get the hand of using SASS, you will instantly fall in love with this simpler method of front end development. 


  • Reusable Features
  • Extensive Frameworks
  • Clear Code


  • A New Method of Coding
  • Difficulty Troubleshooting
  • Code Has To Be Complied

Famous websites

  • Toyota
  • Vox Media 

Voxmedia and Toyota: Examples of websites developed in SASS 


When it comes to choosing a front end development language for your next project, taking the time to work out which of these above languages is best suited to your project, could prove useful.

Each containing their own benefits and each with their own unique traits, each front end website developer will have a particular development language of their preference. 

Whether it be JavaScript or CSS, to be truly successful and know which language works best for you, taking the time to try each development language is recommended.