Ways to Boost Conversion

11 Ways to Boost Conversion Rate for Ecommerce Business

E-commerce business is on the hype and it is continuing to grow. Startups find it easier to set up an online business than to open local outlets; it is costlier, and the money instead can be baked in online strategies to have a well-promoted brand within months.

The emerging technology has boosted online shopping to a great level due to increased mobile and other digital device usages, also allowing many digital marketing agencies to take birth.

Social media has become one of the mainstream platforms when it comes to market through online mediums; giving an immense boost to e-commerce businesses generating high traffic, high brand awareness and customer base, but the actual question stands is Does it also increase the conversation rate? Driving more traffic to your eCommerce website doesn’t mean a high conversion rate, and this is where your product(s), brand image, market standing etc., plays a role which we will talk below.

How to Improve the Conversion Rate

Before we start, you might be wondering what the optimal conversion rate is, well mostly businesses have seen a 1% rate or 2% rate, and this is most common. However, if you find your rate at 2% then your business is in a good position. Let’s talk about the factors that boost the conversion rate.

1. Play with Your Product Images

It is essential for e-commerce to provide the entire book of its products and most importantly do add images of each one of your product from various angles.

Wouldn’t you like if you have the option to analyze product from each and every angle in detail but do make sure these images provided are of high quality.

Add features like zoom in, rotate the image on a 360 degree and much more.

2. Provide Cost-Free Shipping

Now as there are growing online businesses, the competitor base is becoming intense, therefore, giving your customers, such services will be a great conversation rate booster.

Customers are becoming more and more aware; hence use this strategy to reduce killing the conversion.

To improve the conversion rate, even more, keeping everything else amazing and according to the customer’s perception, is to provide a service called “cash on delivery”. This will surely generate trust about your brand and can be a competitive advantage.

3. Product Detail

The image is an interest developing tool but to really let consumer’s come to a decision, the real game is played by the product description.

The description should provide well-structured and detailed information of the product so that it is conceived by the customers that the product is right for them.

Note that, using false information of the product may enable users to purchase the product but it will surely damage the long term relation and brand image. Moreover, copying the manufacturer’s product detail will have a negative impact on your brand, also resulting in poor search engine optimization.

4. Product Customization

Want to improve the conversion rate? Then make sure the customers are given the feel as if they are shopping in real. They should be allowed to visualize products in different colors, design and much more.

Some top ecommerce development companies who create e-commerce websites, like for instance an eyeglass brand, allows you to take a selfie so that you could put different shades and be 100% sure about which one’s going to suit your face shape and features.

Isn’t it amazing how you could analyze your real look just by sitting at home without even physically trying it out?

5. Product Pricing

Internet and social media have provided customers with perfect knowledge about the market therefore, it has become highly recommendable that businesses should use competitive pricing if providing homogeneous products, because the price will act as a real driver for customers’ decision in a highly competitive market.

Quality and brand name also matters when deciding to purchase a product, therefore, customers’ willingness to pay will rise and so pricing strategies should reflect the quality and brand image.

6. Employ Cart Abandonment Software

This software works best for e-commerce sites where the customers leave the site after putting the product in the cart without completing the order.

The software will help the business in a way that when a customer adds an item to the cart and leaves without checking out, he/she has to provide their email and other details, with the provided information, follow-up emails can be sent with cart item details to the customers giving them incentives like discount coupons which may enable them to complete the purchase.

This strategy can really boost up the business’s sales and develop a strong customer base!

7. Provide the Best User Experience

It has been seen as a conversion rate booster because generate a high image and reputation of your brand, customers should be given the best user experience such as a high-quality web design; proper tabs to search for products easily, well-structured navigation bar etc. Well, in short, a clutter-free website for the customers to surf on.

Just imagine you entered a clothing outlet and found that the lightning and the interior is not good with having untidy racks, will it ever generate an image for the brand? Will your perception about the products’ quality be reduced by at least 50%?

8. Allow Customers to Make Purchases via Various Mediums

Customers may be just one click away from making a purchase but because your e-commerce site didn’t provide them with different payment options, the purchase might have not taken place.

Adding PayPal, credit cards and other payment methods can improve the conversion rate as many customers might do online transactions through for instance We Pay, but it was not available on your site and so the customer couldn’t purchase and therefore didn’t.

Allowing various known online payment methods will also raise the trust level for your brand.

9. Live Chats/Chat Bots

This will work similar to as having a salesperson for your eCommerce business; any hassle caused can thus be solved using live chats so that they are assisted by a person who knows best about the brand products.

A new technical way where bots are integrated with live chats, available 24/7, and can provide even better customer service and assist them with a detail information of the answers asked.

10. Use Product Videos

You can add videos as well along with your product’s images, which may include, how your product is developed, what materials are used, a small guide on how to you use the product.

Visual Content will enhance the way a product is perceived in the minds of the customers and better explain about the product, which may lead to more conversions.

11. Add Customers’ Reviews About the Products

Customers would feel more secure when purchasing a product from your site if the reviews are added up with the product details and in some case scenario, few online businesses add comments as well.

The first thing customers look for before purchasing any item online is to make sure the reviews go in line with the product details because normally the product is not that good but the image quality and description makes it look like a high-quality product.